Well, I beat Edahs 'Sophix tonight, about 25 hours into Dragon Quest Swords. It took me about 20 attempts to finally beat him and basically complete the last element of the game. It was easily the most difficult thing I've ever done in a Dragon Quest game. Crazy hard!


If you're not familiar with the game, basically there are 8 superbosses after completing the main storyline in the game. I guess it's kinda similar to the FFI remake for GBA that include the bonus dungeons where you could fight other major bosses from FF games. Anyway, these bosses are uber hard. I was level 99 with the strongest sword available and still routinely losing. In order to win you have to be great at blocking attacks because there are about 500 or so during the final battle. Not only do you have to beat the last boss, but also the 3 before him who are conveniently included in alternate forms before him. These 3 are easier than their early incarnations, but still tough. The final boss is pretty much a time battle, as if you don't take him out fast enough, he'll cream you with a super unblockable attack which takes about 90% of your HP. Overall probably one of the worst designed segments of any DQ game, ever! I wanted to finish after getting so close and now I can say I did and will never do it again! Kinda like beating Boss Battles on Intense in SSBB!

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