Nngh...sorry? What is it? Me? Urf, I'll have to cough up a lot of 'nergy fer that! You see, I recently fell of the Magmaroo back into town...nngghhhh!

Sorry 'bout that! G'day mate! What brings ya lot to Upover? Come ta think o' it, we dun't get many visitors here! Ma name is Crystal! What? You wanna know bout me? Well, sure!

My name is Crystal, and my parents like me wearing weird stuff. Sometimes it's a pain. I'm always wearing a Flowing dress but it's so hot here! They also never allow me to wander out of the city. The only place I'm allowed is inside the Magmaroo!


Items: Cloud, Gleeban Gold Piece, Drunken Dragon.

Equipment: Flowing dress, tights, Sandals.

Yeah, you're probably wondering all about my strange items. Well, here's how it goes. I got the cloud when I climbed halfway through the Magmaroo. I went outside and saw all the fog, which I realized was cloud! I snagged a nice looking piece and have kept it with me ever since! And the Gleeban Gold Piece is an interesting one...My mother went off shopping and I realized this was my one and only chance to go outside the city! I went and immediatly I was attacked. It was a Gold Golem, monsters I had studied about in school. It saw I had no weapon and saw tears flowing out of me onto my dress. Mind you, I was seven when this happened. The Gold Golem must have had a sense of compassion because it laid out something it pulled directly from itself. It shined like gold. The Gold Golem smiled (sorta) and said "OH, I HAVE MY BACK TURNED. I REALLY HOPE THE GIRL DOES NOT RUN!" and I saw my chance and ran screaming. I looked back at the Golem. This was the beginning of a long friendship that I hold to this day. This was also where my mischievous attitude began >:D. About the Drunken Dragon? Drink it? Are you mad? The stuff's hardcore for the adults! Greygnarl is the only one I've seen drink it without being utterly drunk! I carry it because I want to present it to Greygnarl one day in secret! That day might be tomorrow! And like I told you, my parents like me wearing weird stuff. The sandals were the only thing I could bug my mom to let me wear.

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