So this was the Strategy I used:

Gladiator uses Double Up, ditches defence a bit in return for a lot of Attack.

I had my Mage use Bounce, because Hootingham's a spell user and could take damage like this.

Armamentalist was bashing on Gore with Conjury Conductor (Lowers magical resistence).

And Priest used Buff on me so my defence goes back to normal


Then my Gladiator kept using Clap Trap (Attacks foe, very strong) on Gore.

Mage kept using spells on the Bad Karmours

And Armamentalist was hitting Gore the whole time.

Priest= heavily healing.


Then the Bad Karmours started Whipping Boying Gore, so we had the Mage Attack one with Crackle, while Gladiator and the Armamentalist were hitting Gore, While Bad Karmour B was protecting him. We were rid of the Karmours and deafeated Gore easily then.

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