aka Scarab

  • I live in Ultima City
  • I was born on June 10
  • My occupation is Gamer, Artist and Creator of Worlds
  • I am Male


    January 27, 2013 by SCARABALPHA

    Well, to put it simply, some of the monster pages are terrible. What we need is someone who has a complete DQIX monster list, including the Eye For Trouble data, as well as knowledge of what kind of Grottos hold what kind of monsters. I myself have a Monster List of around 90%. We need someone who has 100%. If anyone out there does, then please take the time to edit some monster pages, including data on where to find monsters, as well as the funny and intersting Eye For Trouble notes. People will be attracted to the random funny facts about the monsters; it makes the game much more appealing.

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    Graphic Designers?

    January 24, 2013 by SCARABALPHA

    (Note, this is a sub announcement in line with this blog post.)

    As Raised By Wovles said in his blog post, we could freshen up the wiki. But for a new logo and other imagery, we need someone who knows website design, and has the ability to use programs for making new logos and such. Although I have made attempts in the past, the were done with MS paint, and were spectacularly inferior to what someone versed in the proper program could pull off.

    In essence, this post is and appeal to the wiki community, to find someone who knows website design.

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    I live yet!

    December 8, 2012 by SCARABALPHA

    We live! Team ultima is alive! I am back in the game, getting the super rare grotto boss drops, and I have almost all of the first tier ultimate gear. I'm about 5 total revocations per character, and have almost all of the legacy bosses, and have beaten Nokturnus.

    SCARABALPHA, the warrior who reaches for the heavens.

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    Gold Gaining Guide!

    October 9, 2012 by SCARABALPHA

    So, I don't know if anyone is looking for ways to get gold, but here's are methods that worked for me:

    Low Levels: If you are still based in Stornway or Zere, or places like that, this method is for you. Just outside and east of stornway is a pach were coagulants spawn. Also, south of stornway there is a fisticup spawn point. Pick these up, and you'll quickley get a some good gold.

    Mid Levels: Wormwood creek, places like that, use platinum and mythril ore. Platinum you can find north-east of Bloomingdal, and mythrill north-east of batsureg. Money gaining at this point is somewhat pointless, since the best gear is gained through alchemy.

    High Level/post game: This is where it gets fun. First off, don't bother with gem slimes, or gem jamborees.…

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    Do celestrians exist? It could be debated either way.

    Scarab, hailing from Stornway, travels the lands with his best friend Jestoff, who he met in Gleeba.

    Scarab physical description: Medium height, with brown hair and moss colored eyes. Ranger class.

    Scarab's equipment is as follows: Uber Falcon Blade, Pallium Regale, Apprentice's Gloves, Immortal Trousers, Alhalian Boots and a Goddess ring.

    Items carried: Swordcraft in summary, prayer ring, and sage's stone.

    Scarab story: After graduating from Swinedimples acadamy with a sword degree, he started travelling as a professional monster hunter. He met Jestoff in Gleeba, and they have been traveling together ever since. He doen't wear a helmet, since he likes to see clearly, and he dosn't use a shi…

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