Do celestrians exist? It could be debated either way.

Scarab, hailing from Stornway, travels the lands with his best friend Jestoff, who he met in Gleeba.

Scarab physical description: Medium height, with brown hair and moss colored eyes. Ranger class.

Scarab's equipment is as follows: Uber Falcon Blade, Pallium Regale, Apprentice's Gloves, Immortal Trousers, Alhalian Boots and a Goddess ring.

Items carried: Swordcraft in summary, prayer ring, and sage's stone.

Scarab story: After graduating from Swinedimples acadamy with a sword degree, he started travelling as a professional monster hunter. He met Jestoff in Gleeba, and they have been traveling together ever since. He doen't wear a helmet, since he likes to see clearly, and he dosn't use a shield so he can weild his sword in one hand, making his attacks faster. Scarab and Jestoff recently cleared a grotto south of Stornway of monsters, and are now using it as a base. He carries a Sage's stone so that he can heal himself and Jestoff at the same time. He got the Apprentice gloves when clearing the grotto with Jestoff, and bought his boots from a merchant who said they were from a far away land.

Jestoff physical description: Medium height, looks very strong, but he doesn't look like a body builder. Red spiky hair, and Crimson eyes. Gladiator Class.

Jestoff equipment: Executioners axe, Metal slime shield, Great Helm, Tactical Vest, Diana gauntlets, Impregnable Leggings, Thug Boots, Mighty armlet.

Items carried: Gladiators Guide.

Jestoff trained in Gleeba with his father to be a mighty warrior, but after the death of his father teamed up with Scarab to hunt monsters, so he could use his strength to protect the helpless. He gained alot of expensive equipment while in the monster hunting buisness, so he is almost untouchable.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks Crystal for the idea!

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