Well I've finally gotten down to writing a blog post about my teams stats! So, here we go:

SCARAB: (male) Ranger, lvl 57. Equipment: Erdrick's sword, Metal King Shield, Kiefers Hair, Pallium Regale, Apprentice's Gloves, Immortal Trousers, Elevating Shoes, Lucky Pendant.

SCARAB is and elemental master from the far away Ultima city. He enjoys fighting monsters, looting dungeons, and having a good time with his friends in the process. He will boost his fellow party members stats, while also smashing away at the oppenent. He is on a quest to save the world from the great evils hiding in grottos everywhere! He often has a level head, yet will sometimes spontainiously want to do something for no reason.

SCARVEN: (female) Sage, lvl 46+1. Demon Spear, Goddes Shield, Phantom Mask, Celestria's Gown, Blessed Bindings, Tantric Trousers, Brahman Boots, Meteorite Bracer.

SCARVEN is a distant cousin of SCARAB, and also from the ultima city. She uses her powers of darkness to fight for the good of the world, and enjoys the treasure too. She is level headed, and often times keeps the party from rushing into a battle that they can't win.

JESTOFF: (male) Gladiator, lvl 92. Executioner's Axe, Erdrick's Shield, Erdrick's Helm, Sacrosanct Armor, Erdrick's Gauntlets, Gigasteel Sabatons, Elfin Charm.

JESTOFF is a warrior-jester the party met in Stornway. He is the main muscle man in the party, and smashes enemys defenses with his huge axe. He has a fiery personality, and tries to enter every battle, no matter how foolish it seems.

TOKAYAMI: (female) Gladiator, lvl 78. Megaton Hammer, Metal King Helm, Catoptric Armour, Diana Gauntlets, Sturdy Slacks, Alhalian Boots, Mighty Armlet.

TOKAYAMI is SCARVENS best friend, the travled the world bashing monsters for a long time before joining the Ultima team. She has a spunky personality, and is also good friends with JESTOFF. She uses her hammer to provide another attack outlet for the party.

Well this is my party, and just to let you know they are all well rounded in all vocations, which explains why they aren't revocated that much. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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