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  • TheHungrySage

    Hey everyone, and welcome to Sage's monthly update! This is a post that will hopefully come out on a monthly basis and is a general update on where the wiki is, where the wiki is going, where we want the wiki to go and what we're doing about it. So, let's get into it!

    So, where do we want to get? Well, below I've made a start on where I think we should be aiming for long-term.

    1. Featuring the wiki. Featuring the wiki is an all-round benefit, as it advertises us on WIkia Central, which receives millions of visitors per day. To do this, we need to a) Have an accessible main page, which due to the efforts of Ellis99 we now have, and b) Cut down the number of stubs to 770 and the maximum.

    2. Ressurecting the wiki chat. The wiki chat is a valuabl…

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  • TheHungrySage

    Wiki divisions

    March 18, 2015 by TheHungrySage

    Hiya everyone!

    I've decided that I'm going to create som wiki divisions for us all. Essentially, it catergorizes users into groups depending on what their specialties are. So, without further ado, here it is!

    Eternity Wizards: These people handle all of the spells and abilities

    Masters-at-Arms: These people handle all of the weapon pages.

    Guardians of Legend: These people handle all of the armour pages.

    Sages of Science: These people handle all of the alchemy pages.

    Gods of Infinite Benevolence: These people are the epic Gods of the wiki that bend space and time (they do                                                     formatting)

    Well, here it is! Enjoy your fancy new name(s)!

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  • TheHungrySage

    Featuring this Wiki

    February 2, 2015 by TheHungrySage

    Hi members!

    I've been away for ages, no secret there, on vacation over summer and I didn't find much time to be on here in that time.

    Right before I vanished I was looking into ways to get more users onto the wiki. I tripped over a way to do this by getting featured on the main ikia site. This would mean millions of users looking at this wiki every single day-there ought to be a couple that decide to join us.

    When I went to request the featuring I was told by the admin in control of that that, in order for this to happen, the wiki would have to become more friendly to first-time users, in essence simple enough for an autistic monkey to understand. To do this, it was suggested that there be an array on links on the main page to take a user to …

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  • TheHungrySage

    Fan Fiction story

    February 12, 2014 by TheHungrySage

    Just something I wrote the other day.

    -In the core of the Quarantomb, postgame, with two young heroes, Hellai (HELL-ai) and Yhere (YEER).

    -Walking along, come to the scene where the hero battled the Ragin’ Contagion, Hellai trips over a metal plate-

    Hellai: “What is this?”

    Yhere: “Is that writing on it? What does it say?”

    -Hellai crouches over and begins to read out the inscription-

    Hellai: “Beware the metallic…curse?”

    Yhere: “What does that mea”-

    -Yhere is suddenly interrupted by the sound of rapid footsteps and ragged breathing, coming from the figure of a middle-aged man-

    Mystery Man: “Why are you in here? It doesn’t matter. Get out, before it claims you too!”

    -The two companions begin to back up, away from the man, but stop in horror as the man tr…

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