Just something I wrote the other day.

-In the core of the Quarantomb, postgame, with two young heroes, Hellai (HELL-ai) and Yhere (YEER).

-Walking along, come to the scene where the hero battled the Ragin’ Contagion, Hellai trips over a metal plate-

Hellai: “What is this?”

Yhere: “Is that writing on it? What does it say?”

-Hellai crouches over and begins to read out the inscription-

Hellai: “Beware the metallic…curse?”

Yhere: “What does that mea”-

-Yhere is suddenly interrupted by the sound of rapid footsteps and ragged breathing, coming from the figure of a middle-aged man-

Mystery Man: “Why are you in here? It doesn’t matter. Get out, before it claims you too!”

-The two companions begin to back up, away from the man, but stop in horror as the man trips over.-

Yhere: “His…his back… it’s metal! His back is metal!”

Mystery Man: “Run…run before its too late…ru”-

-The man’s voice is cut off as the metal growth on his back suddenly spreads, over most of his face. All that is left is the man’s desperate eyes, then only the smooth, featureless expanse of shiny, grey metal as the man’s face is consumed.-

Hellai: “I…I think I’m going to be sick.”

-Hellai suddenly bends over. The noise of violent retching fills the chamber.-

Yhere: “Hellai? I think you should look at this.”

-Hellai stands up straight and looks over to Yhere, then follows his gaze towards the metal corpse.-

Yhere: “What…what’s happening to it?”

-The metallic corpse is bubbling, melting, into a puddle on the floor. A puddle with eyes. Suddenly, the puddle grows, inflates, bigger, bigger, with a shiny crown on top.-

Hellai: “It’s a metal king slime!”

-Hellai steps back and unstraps the massive Cheiron’s bow from his back. Yhere takes out his Sage’s staff.-

Hellai: “Step back Yhere! Your spells don’t wor-“

-Hellai’s words are cut off as the massive metal king slime bounds forwards, a deep, resonating sound ringing through the chamber. Yhere lifts his hands, his staff in his left one, and utters the few syllables needed to cast his most powerful spell, Magic Blast. Purple clouds line the roof of the chamber and spew forth thousands of destructive bolts unto the metal king slime. It quivers, then slumps over, it’s crown over it’s eyes.-

Yhere: “It’s dead! I killed it!”

-Yhere strides over and pokes the metal king slime with his wand. Suddenly, the metal king slime rightens itself, flicks back it’s crown, and envelops Yhere in it’s plentiful expanse.”

Hellai: “Yhere? Oh, by the Almighty…”

-Hellai drops his bow and runs, in fear of the monster that had just killed his friend.-


This is just a possible post-game story, not really related to the main storyline of Dragon Quest IX in any other way than using some of the locations. Thanks for reading and message if you want a part two.

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