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  • Toothless100

    A lot of other people are doing it, so I thought I would to.


    • Level 99 Paladin
    • HP: 930
    • MP: 295
    • Equipment: Uber Falcon Blade, Soul Sucker, Heavenly Helm, Legendary Armour, Tempestes Gauntlets, Immortal Trousers, Metal King Slime Boots, Combat Action Medal

    Ally 1:

    • Level 99 Gladiator
    • HP: 840
    • MP: 141
    • Equipment: Uber Falcon Blade, Metal King Shield, Erdrick's Helm, Erdrick's Armour, Erdrick's Gauntlets, Impregnable Leggings, Tricksie Boots, Lucky Pendant

    Ally 2:

    • Level 99 Gladiator
    • HP: 840
    • MP: 141
    • Equipment: Uber Falcon Blade, Metal King Shield, Metal King Helm, Metal King Armour, Vesta Gauntlets, Impregnable Leggings, Pixie Boots, Lucky Pendant

    Ally 3:

    • Level 99 Priest
    • HP: 750
    • MP: 518
    • Equipment: Bright Staff, Erdrick's Shield, Phantom Mask, Exotoga, Apprentice…
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  • Toothless100

    Hang on a minute! The full title of this blog is Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Walkthrough. But it hasn't come up. Oh well. I've told you the title anyway now. Eh. There wasn't a walkthrough page for this game, and I was way too lazy to make one, so I'll post a walkthrough on this blog. I'll update it as I progress through the game. And some of my chapter names might be in slightly the wrong spaces. Apologies in advance. Now, let us begin.

    Go through the scene with Fluerette talking, and the scene after that. At the swordfighting celebration, just do exactly as Dao instructs you. Then leave the castle to meet with Claymore. He will tell you to go back to the house, and then leave. The scene will end.

    Watch the …

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