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    My Dragon Quest IX Team

    August 12, 2011 by Unionhack

    (I'm big into roleplaying, so they have personalities. Yeah :P)

    Tycane (Hero): Armamentalist 44 (Minstrel 24, Thief 15, Martial Artist 15), Age Unknown (Physically 19)

    The fallen Celestrian and hero of the tale. Tycane (Pronounced Tie-Sain) is a sarcastic person with little appreciation for authority and overbearing rules, and is adapting to the mortal life quite nicely. Despite his dislike of authority, Tycane is a nice person and never hesitates to stoop to help someone. He dislikes having too much power placed in his hands; he is a firm believer in the thought of power easily corrupting people, and he also has a fear of letting people down. He wears a fencing frock and other armamentalist gear, and specializes in using a sword and shield.…

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