• VictiniForever

    I was seriously underleveled when I fought corvus. Only about level 20-23. I managed to scrape through, and then started on grottos. I beat Nemean-Atlas, Tyranosaurus Wrecks and Greygnarl with no probs. ( about level 40 now.) Then I beat Excallipurr, again no sweat. On my way back up (I never warped out) I managed to get in a fight with a random slionheart that shouldn't even have been in that grotto. I then had 2 people still alive, no warp or yggdrasil leaves. I then got out and lost to a Metal bubble slime ( angel falls ). Lesson to be learnt here, DONT picka fight with slimes. They can be deadly. VictiniForever 16:22, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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