• Vzing

    MKS hunting...

    August 3, 2010 by Vzing

    Finally got my Metal King Slime Grotto. It has Sluggy Betsy (sp?) and MKS, etc.

    So I was in it, grinding my Ranger, and I went to a battle with Sluggy Betsy. I hate those! Luckly, it had 2 MKS with it. I killed one MKS, and the Sluggy Betsy almost killed my ranger. The Sluggy Betsy used Kazing (YES), and I defeated that MKS. Unfortunately, the other ran away. The Sluggy Betsy used Kazing again, and I set my Paladin to forbearance my ranger. I defeated the MKS, and the Sluggy Betsy, once again used Kazing. My Paladin used Kamikazee, but it totally failed, because Sluggy Betsy was being an idiot, and I already killed the MKS. The Ranger died, and the Sluggy Betsy kazinged the MKS. I gave up, and killed the Sluggy Betsy, which killed my MA. An…

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  • Vzing

    So, I looked up all of the enemies in the game, and I found out that Barabarus and Greynarl was suppose to be in the game! Many other enemies appeared in Joker 2 before IX, like Slime Stack. I bet they had to delete it so it would spoil anything. Joker 2 came out first. I haven't played it yet though...

    --Vzing 14:21, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Vzing

    Dragon Quest

    July 15, 2010 by Vzing

    So I got Dragon Quest IX, and so far its awesome. Its different different then DQIV. I went to FYE, and they didn't had it, and in the last minute brought it in Gamestop. So frantic about buying in release date. I'm in the part with the Bowhole. So far, I have a Lv30 Minstel (Me), Lv29/28 Warrior, Lv26 Mage, and a LV 29 Martial Artist. I hadn't tried Tag Mode yet, but same. Anyone live in Boston Area?

    First blog post.

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