• Weemzman

    Well when you start your adventure you must create your hero. You are a celestrian that watchs over a town but sudennly the peace is broken.


    2 X SLIME 8 HP/4 GOLD/2 EXER


    After the battle a girl will give you benovalessence and you will go up to the obervatory. go to apus major and then go to the top of the observotory. once you do give ydgrassi bennovalessence and go back to earth......

    go to farm and pickup horse manure and then go to the center of town and talk to the angel. he says there is a soul in need just talk to him on the right side of town. then go back up the to the observatory and give ydgrassi bennovalessence. then return back to the surface and must go to the farm and pick up some horse turd. after…

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