Vocation is a term used in Dragon Quest IX. All the classes, such as Sage or Warrior, are known as vocations. Different vocations have different attributes, and can learn unique abilities.

There are six vocations that are initially available:

  • Warriors: powerful physical fighters who cover their allies with high strength and resillience, but are very slow.
  • Priests: specialists in restorative magic.
  • Mages: specialists in offensive magic.
  • Martial Artists: physical fighters with high strength and agility, and who make good use of tension.
  • Thieves: swift attackers who excel at treasure hunting.
  • Minstrels: all-around entertainers, reasonably good with physical attacks and magic.

These six vocations become available once a certain side quest is completed:

  • Gladiators: fighters who excel at doing a lot of damage quickly.
  • Paladins: knights who can protect their allies well, and have high strength.
  • Armamentalists: primarily magical fighters with the unique ability to enhance their own and allies' attacks with elemental powers.
  • Rangers: Warriors who can call on the powers of nature, and are very good with healing spells.
  • Sages: Very powerful spellcasters who use both offensive and healing magic well.
  • Luminaries: An all-around vocation very similar to minstrels.

The player's primary character starts off as a minstrel. Other party members' starting vocations can be chosen as they are created.

Changing vocation

After the Master of Nu'un is defeated, players are able to change their vocations at Alltrades Abbey. Sages can learn the skill Jack's Knack, allowing their party to change vocation anywhere.

Levels, attributes and spells are tied to the character's vocation, meaning that they are reset to level 1 when the character enters a new vocation. However, skill points, abilities and skill-based attribute bonuses are not, and carry over when you change vocation. This means that you can learn a wide range of skills, and increase your power dramatically, by training in many vocations.

You can also switch back to your original vocation, and all your attributes and levels from that vocation will return.

After the main story is completed, a process known as revocation becomes available to characters who reach the highest possible level (99), by which you can reset to level 1 in your current vocation, keeping all your skill points and abilities, in order to continue training to enhance them further.

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