Vogograd (formally Labres) is a town in which the island directly connected to Al-Balad.


Upon entering, you'll see the villagers are worried about a 'monster' apparently living in the village. Luka (formally Lucas), a child living there, wishes to stop the people from hurting the monster. You help Luka, but while doing so, you are thrown away to Mount Gora (formally Mt. Tor).

At the peak of Mount Gora, you see the 'priest'. Luka tries to talk to him because of the cases of a missing priest, but that 'priest' is actually a monster named Gasputin. After you defeat him, the 'monster' in the village is revealed to be the missing priest.

Badly bruised, the priest decides to leave the village with his wounds, not wanting the townspeople to continue feeling regret for almost killing him, since it was the monsters' fault. Luka was unable to stop him, although Luka was able to persuade him to accept a statue for his safety. Afterwards, the villagers decide to built a monument dedicated to the priest so that future generations will know about the priest's sacrifice and the crimes that the villagers committed against the priest.


Upon entering Vogograd in the present, the party discovers that the current villagers believe that their ancestors protected the priest while the adventurers, believed to be monsters in disguise, tried to kill the priest. So far, the only ones who know the real truth are Luka's descendants. One of them, a kid named Lev, tries to tell the other kids the truth, which he had been told by his grandfather. However, the other kids refuse to believe him and call him a liar. Upon inspecting the stone monument in the center of town, the party discovers that someone had replaced part of the monument to cover up what really happened. When the group talks to the elder about this, he refuses to believe it. After going into the cellar below the house, the party, along with the other kids, find an old stone tablet explaining what really happened. Realizing that they were wrong about Lev, the other children decide to tell the adults the truth. Meanwhile, the party shows the tablet to the elder. However, the elder, not wanting the village's reputation to be ruined, refuses to acknowledge the truth and instead destroys the tablet, then rudely tells the group to leave and never return. After heading back to the cellar and speaking to the kids it is discovered that, with the exception of Lev's father, all of the adults refuse to believe them. When Lev comes in, the other kids apologize for calling him a liar and allow him to be their friend again. They then decide to make sure everyone knows the truth of what happened, no matter how long it takes. The leader of the kids, Sasha, gives the party a Blue Fragment that he had found earlier.

Later on, if the party returns to town after discovering that the Almighty is actually Orgodemir in disguise, they discover that, due to the older villagers still believing the false legend about the priest, outsiders are no longer welcome in the town, due to the townsfolk believing that all outsiders are monsters in disguise. They even ostracize one of their own citizens who had left Vogograd years ago and had recently moved back.


Vogograd has a Russian accent, just like Zamoksva Castle, Zalenagrad, Taborov and Vrenor in Dragon Quest IV and Batsureg and the Hunter's Yurts in Dragon Quest IX.

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