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This part of the walkthrough is available after you have collected all 7 fyggs. If you don't, please see: Part 2 of the walkthrough

Chpater 11: Outsiders, Away!

Angel Falls Again

Go to the blue tree near Alltrades Abbey, and summon the Starflight Express, talk to Stella and choose to go to The Observatory. There will be a cutscene, followed by a unbeatable fight. (The hero won't be able to move, so just wait until the fight finished by itself.) After another cutscene, the hero will fall to Wormwood Creek. When the hero wakes up, the mayor will announce to meet at the church in the evening. Rest at the inn and go to the church, the mayor will ask you a question, whether you answer "yes" or "no", he will say the same thing that you are lying (because you are an outsider). Wallace will appear and argued with him, then run out. A fat man by the gate of the town will tell you that Wallace will be at Hope Springs, which is located northeast of the town. Leave the town and cross the bridge north of the town, head northeast into the forest. When the scene changes, head south and check the hole on the wall. You will find a chest here containing a Alchemy ingredient Item icon Lucida shard. Wallace will be in here too, talk to him and he will give you a hint of the next step.

When he who seeks the way to Upover appears, open the gates of Wormwood with the light guarded by the sentry statue.

Then he will say that the Bowhole is sealed, so you must find a way to break the seal. Leave the cave, the ghost girl that has shown in Mountain Pass and Dourbridge will appear again, this time she will talk to you and ask you to find something she hid around the guardian's statue. By the way, she will tell you that her name is Serena. Zoom to the town, and check the guardian's statue in the corner by the weapon shop, but nothing will be found here. Wallace will appear and tell you that in the past, the statue is suppose to be in somewhere where everyone can seem, somewhere central in the town. Remember when you first reach this town, the mayor held a meeting in the church? the church is the center of the town!
Head to the church, talk to the priest beside the door, he will say that where you see the stone used to be something, but he didn't finish the sentence. The old woman in the center will say that the stone was put there around the time she was born. Check the stone tablet on the east wing of the church you will find another clue:

This stone stands in place of the abomination that brought disaster on our village. Trust outsiders at your peril. Fellowship starts and ends at home.

Check the stone now and you will find Serene necklace. With the necklace in your possession, return to Hope Springs and hand it in to Serena, a flashback cutscene about her will show. After the flashback, she will agree to open the seal of The Bowhole for you.

The Bowhole

Arriving at The Bowhole, Serena will be here waiting for you at the cave entrance to the north. talk to her and she will break the seal. Enter the cave, there will be a dancer's ghost who will teach you a new party trick "Weird dance". Any of the three holes will take you to the next level, but I recommend the left one, get down and collect the chest on the left then head east to unlock a door to outside. Go to level 1 again and drop down from the middle hole, head north to go to next level.
Note this enemy that is similar to Metal slime:

#153 - Liquid metal slime
Slime Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
8 255 100 256 179
Exp Gold Drop Accessory Agility ring
Footwear Depressing shoes
40200 40 G
Note: Rarely appears and easily escape. Reward with high experience. Defense is high, use equipments that give higher critical or fatal attack to fell it.

Haunts at:
The Bowhole

B2 has 5 branches, southeast contains a blue chest and a Handwear Light gauntlet, the north contains a chest with Accessory Holy talisman, northwest contains a blue chest. After you collect all of them, head southwest to get to the next level. Head straight north to get a blue chest, then wind clockwise and across the bridge to the next level. At B4, head straight into the building, restore you HP and check the statue in the center to trigger the Boss fight.

#268 - Gadrongo
Beast Family
200 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
2000 255 206 214 138
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Ethereal stone (100%)
12500 3050 G
Description: A stalwart soul sealed in a statue and bunged into the Bowhole to test contenders in combat when the time came. Wormwood Creekers once thought the wyrmlight bow and Gadrongo were guises of a spirit who watched over the Wyrmward.

Encountered at:
Western Wormwood - The Bowhole

After defeating the Boss, you will get an important item, Wyrmlight Bow. Zoom back to Wormwood Creek, rest and restock your supply because there will be a long journey. When you are prepared, head west to Wormwood Canyon.

Chpater 12: Uproar at Upover

Keep heading west until you see a tablet on the ground with a dragon on it, check the tablet, the the hero will shoot an arrow with Wyrmlight Bow, creating a light bridge cross the canyon. The mayor of Wormwood Creek will appear and apologize for not believe the hero. Cross the bridge and head south to the new region, Wyrmtail.
Continue to head south to get to Wyrmwing, then go west and north to get to the west section of Wyrmtail. Head northwest until you see a stair that lead to Wyrmsmaw. Go around the volcano in the center clockwise, and you will see a staircase up the volcano, take it to get to Upover. Equip your party members with new equipments, and go up the steep stairs behind the inn to the mayor's house. Talk to the mayor and then head to the cave beside the house. Magmaroo is a volcanic dungeon, so... User:Snstar2006/LavaPuddle


From the entrance, head north then cross the bridge, go south first to collect a blue chest, then head north into the next level. Go across the south bridge and head northeast to collect 1500 G, and go to the northeast corner to get a Item icon Seed of Defense. After that, take the staircase to level 3. Head north and down the staircase back to level 2 to collect a Item icon Mini medal, then back to level 3 and head south to the outside. Go straight east, and collect a Item icon Saint's ashes on the platform, then continue into the west cave. Take the stair to level 4. Wind anti-clockwise to the lower level, there is a Headwear Hades's helm, take it but DO NOT EQUIP IT because it is cursed, it will cost 1000+ G to remove it at the church. Head east and north to take the staircase to level 5. Head straight south, collect a Footwear Safety shoes on the outside before you take the staircase. At level 6, go straight south to the Summit, wind anti-clockwise up the slope and collect a blue chest on your way. Prepare your self for the Boss fight, when you approach the central platform, the fight will be triggered.

#269 - Greygnarl
Dragon Family
300 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
2280 50 188 214 145
Exp Gold Drop Handwear Dragon scale (100%)
15500 0 G
Description: One-time hero of the skies who watched over the world from up over Upover. Not too fond of Celestrians for some reason. This lizard lord of light chased the Empire out of Upover three hundred years ago, and they've never forgotten the slight.

Encountered at:
Magmaroo - Summit

Gittish Intrusion

After the boss fight, an old lady will appear. After the cutscene, zoom to Upover. You will notice that the background music is changed to that of a monster fight. Go rest and save your progress first, then talk to the Gittish soldiers to trigger a fight with:

#181 - Fright knight
Zombie Family
DQ9Fright knight
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
226 33 161 206 130
Exp Gold Drop Knife Sword breaker
Shield Dark shield
2180 180 G
Note: Event-encountered monster.

#171 - Stenchurion x2
Zombie Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
160 16 148 175 136
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Manky mud
Lance Partisan
1380 122 G
Note: Event-encountered monster.


After the fight, go back to the entrance of Magmaroo, the old lady that appeared at the Summit will be there block the way. Talk to her and she will tell you to get a Drunken Dragon and go alone to meet Greygnarl. Go to the wine cellar through the stair outside of the mayor's house, and talk to the guy inside to get a Drunken Dragon. Then zoom to Stornway and drop your party members at Quester's Rest. Zoom back to Uproar and talk to the old lady, she will move away and tell you that the Summit can be reached using a Chimaera wing (or Zoom). So zoom up and talk to Greygnarl. Another monster will appear:

Dragon equipments

Dragon Equipments equipped

#184 - Aggrosculpture
Demon Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
220 18 150 220 153
Exp Gold Drop Accessory Gold ring
Accessory Skull ring
2280 132 G
Note: Event-encounter monster

Magmaroo - Summit

After that, Greygnarl will give you a set of Dragon Equipments (including Headwear Dragon helm, Bodywear Dragon armour, Handwear Dragon glove, Legwear Dragon trousers and Footwear Dragon boots. ). Equip them and talk to Greygnarl, a cutscene will show, after that, you will be taken to Gortress.

Chapter 13: Mutiny in Gortress


Look who's talking

After a cutscene with the pig-headed boss Goreham-Hogg, your hero will be taken to his/her cell. Check the door and the guy next door will talk with you, then wait until next morning, the guard will take you out. Go into the room in the center, up the stairs and cross the bridge, talk to the guy live next to your cell, you will find out that his name is Sterling. Talk to him and go around the Gortress. Sterling will explain everything to you. Places you need to visit and people you need to talk to before the story continues are:

  • People pushing a huge wheel, talk to them.
  • Gallows on the north corner
  • Shield field on the north side, check either of them.
  • Guards by the gate.
  • A worker by the graveyard.

There is a priest and a merchant here, you can talk with them to save and buy items. When you have talk to everyone, Sterling will prompt you that you should go working. Save and restock you supply, then talk to him to continue. In the evening when your hero return to the cell, Sterling will tell you about his plan to escape. Next morning, when you are free to walk around, go to the gallows and a cutscene will show. After the cutscene, you can leave form the gate and zoom to Stornway and get your party members back. EQUIP YOUR PARTY MEMBERS NOW!!!

Back to Gortress, and head north, go through the shield forces and climb up the stairs. Enter the watchtower and go to Level 2. Check the glowing device to trigger a fight with Lethal armour:

#176 - Lethal armour
Material Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
194 16 158 210 117
Exp Gold Drop Bodywear Magic armour
Item icon Seed of defense
1680 164 G
Note: Event-encountered monster

Gortress - Watchtower - 2F

After you defeat the monster, check the device again to turn off the Shield field. Leave the watchtower and follow Sterling. Enter the door in the middle, you will see a blue shining spot, this is a restoration point, you will see another one in Gittingham Palace later. Restore and continue. At level 1, you will see Sterling and Goreham-hogg inside, but do go in the room as yet. Go around the level and B1 to collect some items. There is a recipe book in the southwest room bookshelf. After you get enough, enter the room. Boss fight right after the cutscene.

#270 - Gorehame-Hogg
Beast Family
200 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1235 40 206 192 136
Exp Gold Drop Accessory Tough guy tattoo (100%)
15500 0 G
Description: One of the Triumgorate. He sealed those who fell from the skies in cells and sucked out their power. Was burnt to a cinder by Greygnarl's blazing breath three centuries ago, and brought back as a horrific hog.

Encountered at:
Gortress - L1

After the fight, Sterling will collect a whistle from one of the chest, you can find Item icon Ultimate key from the other. Now you can open any door in the game. Now go to B1, Sterling will tell you that the shining stuff in the cells here are Celestrians. Free them and talk to Sterling, you will see an event with Starflight Express and Barbarus, then you will return to the Observatory.

Chapter 14: Origin of Celestrians

Arriving at the Observatory, the Celestrians you saved will tell you to see Apus Major. Go to Level 2 to see him, then go to Level 4, talk to him again then board the Starflight Express. After a talk of Apus Major with Sterling, the train will take you to Realm of the Almighty.

Realm of the Almighty

Inside the west building, you can find a Shield Wight knight's shield. In the inner rainbow of the second area, you can find a Handwear Mighty armlet. After collecting the equipments, take the stair that start from the south end of the second area and get to Temple of the Almighty. After a cutscene, go up the platform and then turn west, take the staircase to Level 2. Approach the lightened area, and Apus Major will appear and prompt you to offer the fyggs. Then enjoy a long cutscene with Celestria and the origin of Celestrians.

After the talk with Celestria, another blue tree will appear in Gittish Empire. Board Starflight Express and land in Gittish Empire, then go straight north to the Gittingham Palace.

Gittingham Palace

Celestria will break the force field that stops you from entering the palace, enter and face the Boss: Hootingham-Gore + Bad Karmour x2.

#186 - Bad karmour x2
Material Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
188 132 161 262 98
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Iron ore
Headwear Hades' Helm
2280 132 G
Note: Accompany the Boss monster

#271 - Hootingham-Gore
Bird Family
200 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1027 255 125 238 156
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Sage's elixir (100%)
16500 0 G
Description: One of the Triumgorate. Used stolen celestial power to bring back Barbarus and bend him to the will of the Empire. Threw his lot in with the ghastly Gittish Empire three hundred years ago, and was brought back as a beastly bird.

Encountered at:
Gittingham Palace - Entrance

Chapter 15: In Gittingham Palace

Gittingham Palace is a dungeon with multiple interconnecting areas, so names of the areas will be bolded.

After defeating Hootingham-Gore, continue to enter the palace to L1 - South. Leave from the west exit and get to L1- North through L1 - West. Climb the stairs to L2 - North and leave from the souther exist to the outside. DO NOT FALL THROUGH THE HOLE. Wind anti-clockwise until you get near the entrance gate, and collect a chest Item icon Mini medal. Back to L2 - North and fall through the hole now. You will be in the middle section of L1 - North. Collect the chests here (5000G, Lance Celestial spear, Item icon Mini medal, and blue chest x3). If you have space for a quest, go upstairs and get a quest from the bookshelf in L2 - North.

Leave from the southern exist to L1 - East, there is a side exit on the west wall, take it to get to outside again. Walk along the path until you see a door on the inner building (on the southeast corner), you will be in a corridor of Gittingham Palace - L1, walk to the end to collect a Item icon Seed of Deftness. Leave and continue going around the building, this time take the door on the southwestern corner, ignore the room with a hole in it, head northwest, collect the chest on the platfor, (Shield Dark shield) and wind clockwise to the stairs. There is a restoration point, restore before you continue.

At Gittingham Palace - L2, you will notice a door lock by a magic field, ignore it for now and take the stair immediately north to L3, there will be a recipe on the bookshelf. Return to L2 and leave from the east exit. Cross the bridge and head north to get a Item icon Seed of skill. Then wind clockwise toward the entrance gate, pass the bridge and enter the door on the south side. You will be in the south room of L2, cross the bridge and go to L3. Ignore the door on southwest corner, head to the room on the east to collect a blue chest and a Item icon Mini medal. Then leave from the southeast door. If you climb up the stairs, you will see an panther-looking NPC, if you talk to him, a Boss fight will be triggered.

#272 - Goresby-Purrvis
Beast Family
150 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1653 25 234 256 172
Exp Gold Drop Accessory Agility ring (100%)
18000 0 G
Description: One of the Triumgorate. A swordsman who swore allegiance to the Empire hoping to meet with some worthy adversaries. Die faithfully protecting his master some three hundred years ago, and was brought back in a new, feline form.

After defeating the boss, head into the room - Gittingham Palce - L4, approach Aquila to see a cutscene. After that, talk to Aquila to trigger 2 continuous Boss fights:

#273 - King Godwyn
??? Family
150 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1970 255 168 266 145
Exp Gold Drop None
0 0 G
Description: Cruel king of the Gittish Empire who tasked the Triumgorate with seeking out the fyggs so he could rule the world. His evil spread across the world three centuries ago, when he fought Greygnarl and his gang. His death is shrouded in mystery.

#274 - King Godwyn
??? Family
200 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
3250 255 220 266 155
Exp Gold Drop Staff Sceptre of Gitt (100%)
26500 6000 G
Description: King Godwyn of the House of Gitt's ultimate form. Far fiercer than any of the Triumgorate, he was a truly formidable foe. Consumed by his ambitions of three centuries ago, he tried to use the fyggs to take over the world. He also murdered Aquila.

Chapter 16: Down into the Oubliette

After defeating King Godwyn, go back to L2, the magic field that lock the northern room will now disappear. However, there is a electric field on the floor that will cut down your HP, so cast Save Passage before you continue. Take the stair to L1, a ghost of a priest will be by the stair that offer you save function. Save and continue down the stairs into the Oubliette.

Note this monster:

#205 - Mimic
Material Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
627 12 256 218 173
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Mini medal
Accessory Gold rosary
4120 315 G
Note: Reward with high experience and coins. Has high attack and defense, weakness is instant death attacks.

I compared with another walkthrough from another site, and find out that the chest I got a Mimic, the author got an Accessory Agility ring, so it is possible for Mimic to appear in other chests. Make sure you are prepared before you open a chest in this dungeon. Also, there are many poison puddles here, so remember to cast Safe passage before you cross them.

Entering from Gittingham Palace, wind clockwise to the stairs on the other side of the wall. At B2, there is an opening on the wall, so go through it and head south to an isolated room on the east to collect a Item icon Mini medal and a Accessory Battler's bracers. Head back and go to the southwest corner, take the stairs to B3. There are 4 Celestrians lock in this level, so free them before you continue. Take the stairs on the north to B4. Nothing special about B4, just head south to the next level. B5 is a watery level, so watch this monster:

#187 - Wyrtoise
Dragon Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
215 8 171 240 103
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Tortoiseshell
Handwear Dragon scale
2500 188 G
Note: Might send back spells with Bounce and push back attacks with Pincushion.

From the entrance of B5, wind down the stairs and head straight north, ignore a fork that lead to water, go until you reach the north side of the lake. Then head south and wind north to B6. B6 shapes like a whirl, so just wind anti-clockwise until you get to the central room. On your way you might find a chest, which contains Accessory Agility ring if no Mimic is triggered. In the central room, you will see a cutscene, and followed by an unbeatable boss fight. After the fight, you will see Sterling coming for you, and take you back to the Observatory.

Chapter 17: Up unto the Realm of the Mighty

Back to the Observatory, you will find yourself before Apus Major, after the talk, head down to recover and save. Then go to L4 to talk to Celestria (the Yggdrasil tree). Celestria will give you an extra Fygg so that the hero can face Corvus without be unmovable due to the nature of a Celestrian.
FyggIcon Fygg #8 obtained!
Enter the Starflight Express and talk to Sterling, choose "Yes" when a question asking you if your hero want to eat the Fygg and become a human. Then talk to Sterling and choose to go to Realm of the Almighty.

Upon reaching Realm of the Almighty, a cutscene will show how Corvus transform Realm of the Almighty into Realm of the Mighty.

Level 1 - Level 4

Starflight Exprress will stop by an island. You will see a light blue mark on the ground, when you approach it, a light bridge will appear. Cross the bridge and head west to collect a Item icon Mini medal. Ignore the door on the east for now and enter the door in the center. Go straight then east on the junction, there is a Item icon Seed of skill on the north and a Item icon Mini medal on the south. Back to the junction, head west and north into the cave, turn east and up the stairs. Follow the path to find a Bodywear Mirror armour. Back down the stairs and out of the cave, head straight south and enter the southernmost cave. Head straight to collect a Item icon Seed of Magic, then take west fork and up the stairs. Follow the path until you are back to Level 1, but this time, you will be on a higher level platform. Go north and east to find another stairs, go down and follow the path to another part of Level 1, you will find the mark for a light bridge, so cross it and up the platform due north of its other end.Here is another light bridge that takes you to an isolated part with a stair, take it to get to Level 2.

When you are at Level 2, wind eastward and collect a blue cheat in the southeast corner, then head west and leave from the southwest corner. You will be outside again, cross the light bridge on the east and enter the door to Level 3. Ignore the central room with the pig-head Goreham-Hogg, head east then south, leave from the southeast exit and find a Item icon Yggdrasil dew on the outside. Back track to Level 3 and head west, there is a locked door on the north, ignore it and head south. wind around the walls to find a staircase here that take you to Level 4. Take it and the head south to the outside, go straight west but ignore the western entrance, pass the light bridge and find a blue chest. Back track to Level 4 (take the eastern entrance) and head straight north, down the staircase in the corner, you will be on the other side of the locked door in Level 3. There is a chest in the room behind the ling staircase, I found a Cannibox but I am not sure if it is there fore everyone, just be careful and restore before you open it. Unlock the door and go to the central room, talk to Goreham-Hogg to trigger a mini-boss fight. He is pretty much the same, but HP is doubled, so it might take longer for you to defeat it.

Mini Boss: Goreham-Hogg

#270 - Goreham-Hogg
Beast Family
150 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
2470 40 196 192 130
Exp Gold Drop Accessory Tough guy tattoo
Item icon Densinium
17500 3350 G
Description: Mini-boss, pretty much the same as it was except its HP is doubled, Attack and Agility is a little less, and give more reward after its defeat.

Level 5 - Level 8

Level 5 is made up of 9 platforms interconnecting by light bridges. For easy reference, they will be called P1, P2...P8, (P9 is the small platform that connected to P6), counting clockwise from the northernmost platform. From P1, head east then all the way down south (P4) to collect a Accessory Ruby of Protection. Then backtrack to P2, then take the light bridge on the southwest to P8. Then head east via the southeast bright to P3 (lower section), go south and take to bridge to P7. Climb the ladder to reach the highest section, then cross the bridge to southern section of P4. Cross the bridge on the south end to P6. Head north first to P9 to collect a blue chest. Then head all the way south to P5 and exit to the outside.

When you are at outside, go far east to the floating platform and climb down the long vine on the south end. It will take you the the other side of the locked door on L1. Unlock it then you can get to L6 faster without having to go through L1-L5 again. Now you can recover, save and restock in a town/village in the Protectorate before you continue.

Back to the outside of L5, climb up the platform and enter the door to L6. Go west to the midway and head south, you will be back outside again. Climb up the vine to find a blue chest. Then return to L6. Go north to the cells, and enter the westernmost one, there are cracks between the cell so you can go east to collect a blue chest and Item icon See of therapeusis. Leave the cell and head leave from the eastern exit.

Outside again, take the light bridge to the central building and enter L8. You will again see a mini-boss blocking the way. Fight it to continue.

Mini Boss: Hootingham-Gore

#271 - Hootingham-Gore
Bird Family
150 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
1854 255 125 238 148
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Sage's elixir (100%)
18500 4050 G
Description: Mini-boss, pretty much the same as it was except its HP is more, Agility is a little less, and give more reward after its defeat.

Level 9 - Level 11

After defeating Hootingham-Gore again, take the east path first, there is a vine at the north corner that lead you to the top of the building, but there is nothing to find. Go all the way east and find a stairs, it take you to a dangling part outside where you can find a Sword Rusty sword. Then head west, past through the room you met Hootingham-Gore, into the west wing. There is no other exit, so just head straight to western section of L9.

Watch the poison puddles here and collect the Headwear Spellwand circlet. Leave from the south exit, Head east and enter the Eastern section of L9. Take the stairs on the west and leave from the northern ladder to L10. Head west and north to find a staircase, take it to L11. You won't find any door here, you must drop from the carpet that leads you to the center of the eye-shaped hole, then a wind will blow your hero to the entrance of the Palace of the Mighty.

Another mini-boss is here blocking your way, before fighting it, go east to collect a Item icon Elfin elixir, then fight Goresby-Purrvis to continue:

Mini Boss: Goresby-Purrvis

#272 - Goresby-Purrvis
Beast Family
150 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
2306 25 220 256 162
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Fizzle oil
Accessory Agility ring
4550 20000 G
Description: Mini-boss, many of its attributes are weaker than it was, except its HP is double and he gives a better reward after its defeat.

Palace of the Mighty

Finishing with Goresby-Purrvis, cross the light bridge behind him/her to enter the Palace of the Mighty. Go to L2 through the staircases on your side (the other two on the higher platform are blocked), and enter L2 to talk and have a fight with Corvus.

Mini Boss: Corvus

#276 - Corvus
??? Family
150 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
2790 255 214 272 167
Exp Gold Drop None
28500 0 G
Description: One-time Guardian of Wormwood Creek. His tragic fate drove him to renounce his faith in gods, mortals and Celestrians alike. Met Serena in Wormwood Creek three centuries ago. Tried to protect the mortals, but was entrapped by the Empire.

Encountered at:
Realm of the Mighty - Palace of the Mighty - L2

After the fight, leave through the gate of the Palace, an event will happen, and Corvus will take you straight to L9 of Realm of the Mighty (how nice of him). Check the black cocoon in the center to trigger another mini-boss fight with Barbarus.

Mini Boss: Barbarus

#275 - Barbarus
Dragon Family
250 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
3098 255 238 288 160
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Yggdrasil leaf (100%)
32500 0 G
Description: Greygnarl's nefarious nemesis. He was defeated long ago, but the Empire brought him back to wreak havoc once more. He and Greygnarl once formed a duality of darkness and light, but his memory of this beneficial balance has been obliterated.

Encountered at:
Realm of the Mighty - L9

After the fight, check the black cocoon again, this time you will face the Final boss of the game:

Final Boss: Corvus 2nd form

#277 - Corvus
??? Family
300 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
4800 255 248 278 157
Exp Gold Drop None
40000 0 G
Description: Brought the broken Gittish Empire back from beyond to help him wreak vengeance on the mortals and gods he so despised. Aquila's former teacher, his sad fate led to him to lose himself in his hatred of mortalkind and try to destroy the world.

Encountered at:
Realm of the Mighty - L9

One word for Corvus...just coming out of the Oubliette, he is really poor...he drops no item and no gold......

After defeating Corvus, Serena will appear. Then a long cutscene, and the ending scene. Watch closely when the Starflight Express takes the hero to the blue tree near Alltrades Abbey, you will see a Fygg falls somewhere in Porth Llaffan. So when you can move freely, go to Porth Llaffan.

Chapter 18: Nod and Wandering

Head to Jona's house and halk to her, she will give you a quest:

#262 - Lleviathan
Aquatic Family
200 px
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
3520 50 278 256 128
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Celestial skein (100%)
32000 4000 G
Description: The people of Porth Llaffan worshipped this watery deity, which was really Dylan Jones in fygg-changed form. He once swam with countless companions in the seas around Newid Isle, but Lleviathan is now sadly one of the last of his kind.

Encountered at:
Tywll Cave - Cuddiedig cliff.
Attributes Resistance
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark Blast Illusion Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion Silent Petrify Paralyze Poison Attract Attack ↓ Defense ↓ Agility ↓ Magic Res ↓
100 100 100 100 100 100 125 0 0 0 100 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 50 50 75

FyggIcon Fygg #9 obtained!

After you get the Fygg, you will be prompt with a question if you want to eat the Fygg. If you choose no, someone will knock you...I mean the hero's head...anybody want to take a wild guess who it might be (= =!!)? Choose "yes" and you will see Stella's big head (yes, big head) right in front of your eyes. Then a cutscene with Sterling, after that he will give you Item icon Sterling's whistle, which can be used to summon Starflight Express anywhere. Now you can gain control of Starflight Express and can disembark in anywhere you cannot gain access to before. Press A or B to disembark, and to go to Realm of the Almighty, disembark on anywhere you can't, then you will get a prompt that the place is not available to disembark, do you want to go to Realm of the Almighty.