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I am far too lazy to make an entire walkthrough of the game, so here are a bunch of tips and tricks instead.

Quest 118 (Luminary Quest)

This quest is extremely difficult, for a variety of reasons. Moai minstrels aren't very rare, it simply takes an extreme amount of time to acquire the proper grotto map. I found my Moai minstrel in a level 69 earth map, on the 13th floor. The internet also states that they are found in water grottos of the same level, although I have not proven this.

The other reason the quest is difficult is that Moai minstrels are extremely difficult to kill using Hot lick. Hot lick deals around 20 points of damage and is largely useless. Moai minstrels have around five hundred hit points (It varies, may be between 480 - 520), and also cast the deadly Kamikazee. Do about 450 damage with other characters. Avoid using attacks which could easily cause massive damage, and avoid using attacks that miss frequently. Have the character who will use Hot lick use the Martial artist ability "Psyche up" repeatedly, or use "Egg on". When sufficient damage has been dealt, unleash a Hot lick. It is preferable to avoid doing TOO much damage with other characters, as you can use multiple hot licks over and over to whittle the big guy's health down. Once you win, Evac immediately, you wouldn't want to risk an accidental rage quit against the boss monster. Congradulations! You are a Luminary!