"Terry! Wait! It's time for bed!
Did you forget what Mom and Dad told us? Stay up too late and you will be carried away by monsters.
What? You wanna meet monsters? Don't be silly, go to bed! "
- Milayou to Terry.

Foreword from the AuthorEdit

Hey there! Hello! Before I get started on providing the wiki with a walkthrough, I just want to say a few things.

I am using an emulator to play this game, as my Gameboy has all but died. This actually makes it easier for me to play, as I can simply click away from the VBA, pausing the game, and write down my walkthrough.

I will try to cover as much as possible. This includes monsters in each area, breeding pairs, and special items such as Mini Medals. At they very bottom of this walkthrough, I will have a little update section that will change after clearing every Gate.

That's all I really have to say. Happy hunting!

[ғeldιng] (talk) 22:50, March 10, 2014 (UTC)

Prologue: Go to Bed, Terry!Edit

There's a house somewhere in this world. A simple home with a simple, cozy feel. The fireplace near the beds provides the most relaxing of all slumbers. The warm cotton sheets, coupled with the bird feather pillows completes this, adding a depth of harmony to one's dreams.
Of the two beds, one of it's residents does not sleep. His name is Terry and, with open eyes, he dreams of a chance to see monsters.

If that isn't a decent beginning to a proper walkthrough, I don't know what is. I might do something like that for every new chapter. Anyway, the game starts off with a little cat-and-mouse chase. The boy in blue is Terry, and the girl in sunshine yellow is his sister, Milayou. Nothing says a true sibling relationship like a little game before bed. After telling Terry to sleep, she does just that and he follows to his own bed.

Now here's a little funny thing. You haven't pressed any buttons aside from the action command, right? Well if you just sit there and put the game down, nothing happens. The fire will move and crackle, but nothing happens. This caught me off-guard, even though it plays like every other game. Nothing happens unless you move. That's right. Press the D-Pad and Terry will get out of bed.

You can talk to the bear, check out the flames, and try to bug Milayou, but the only way to progress is to head to the room in the next screen.

"Are you Milayou? Hm, You don't look like her. Milayou's a girl. Your name is Terry? You're not the one. I'm Warubou from the Kingdom of GreatLog. Don't you forget it!!"

And then he drags our sister out of bed. This moment really sets the tone of the game. It's been about a minute and we already have a serious plot on our hands. If someone stole my sister, I'd probably go Liam Neeson on them. But if that wasn't enough, they vanished into the cabinet, and another monster pops up. This one seems a bit more friendly, but what the hell is going on? WHY THE CABINET? The clock would make more sense, but nope.

"Huh? What happened? Where is Milayou? You speak monster talk, don't you? Where is Milayou? Taken away!? Oh no, I was too late! Warubou? I'm not Warubou. I am Watabou! What? You wanna know where your sister is? Well, follow me. Maybe you can find her. I hope you're a skilled master. You don't understand what I'm talking about? You'll find out if you follow me."

And down the rabbit hole we go. Walk up to the cabinet, press the action command, and Terry's mission begins.

End of Prologue.

Chapter 1: Welcome to GreatTreeEdit

Chapter 1, Part 1: Stranger in a CityEdit

A Tree. From the roots of the trunk, the tree absorbs the Earth's energy. In return, it expels that energy to all living things who take nest in its branches. They give, and they take. Through this cycle, life continues on. Upon giving oneself to another being, they are sharing their energy with it. They care for and, in return, are cared for. Though it may die, its seeds will fall to the Earth, and the cycle will begin again. There is no such greater icon to explain life than a simple tree.

The screen may seem like it's broken, but this is part of the game. A short transition, accompanied by an eerie noise, brings Terry to the Kingdom of GreatTree. We arrive in a strange room, on a pedestal sitting among roots. The place is aglow, and seems rather calm.

"Oh, you must be the master. You must have had a long trip here. What? You don't know where you are? You're in the Kingdom of GreatTree. Watabou brought you here. Let's get going, we have to visit the castle to pay our respects to the King."

Upon exiting the room, we appear in some building, filled with monsters and men. One screen down, you'll notice some vines. Remember this for later, as it will come in handy.

"This Kingdom is created inside a big tree. We are at the bottom. The castle is at the top."

The layout of GreatTree is relatively simple. You'll notice little signs above doors. These mark what each area represents. The Book is for the Library, the Slime for the Arena. Upon reaching the Arena, a man clad in red armour stops us in our tracks.

"Hey, is he the new master Watabou brought here?"
"Yes indeed, I'm taking him to see the King."
"Good luck at the Starry Night Tournament!"

A tournament? Sounds like fun. Anyway, we arrive at the next floor. The green foliage and flags represent the top of the tree. This is the Castle.

"Now it's time to go see the King."

We're in the Castle. There are two guards standing on the stairs. Video game logic says you can't stand on stairs, so they must be pretty powerful. Now imagine everyone was like that.

"I'm the minister of this kingdom. Are you the new master? His Majesty has a favor to ask you. Please comply with his request!"

But Minister! Do you not see those men breaking video game logic? We must stop them! Actually, they provide some decent info. The King seems to be in a pickle, as stated by the men among man. The other guy is the generic location dude. Sigh.

Head on up to see the King.

"Welcome! I am the King of this kingdom. Identify yourself, my child."

Yeah, I'll be sticking with Terry. The Gameboy has character limits, so only a name worth four letters may be used. Plus, Terry is a pretty good name. Kinda strikes the heart.

"Oh Terry! Will you comply with my wish? My wish is nothing but... For you to participate and win the tournament of the Starry Night! What? You say you would rather find your kidnapped sister? Didn't you come here to comply with my request?"
"........ Hm...... Hmmmmm ...! However, there is an easier way than searching for her. Win the Tournament of the Starry Night! Legend has it that the one who is victorious in the tournament of the Starry Night will be granted a wish. Your wish to find your sister will be granted! That way we both win..."
"Meanwhile, search for your sister will you prepare for the tournament! Here, I shall give you some monsters. Without any monsters, you cannot serve as a master! The monster farm is on the upper level. Go and ask Pulio for your monsters."

Talking to the Minister reveals that GreatTree's team has been losing. Do they not have their head in it? If only Troy was here to break into song...

That painful joke aside, talking to the King doesn't help much. The left jester is useless, but the one on the right...

"Let me tell you the legend of the Starry Night. The Starry Night comes after every 47th full moon. Hundreds of thousands of stars fall and fill the sky. Fragments of light cover the world. That's the Starry Night. The night when countless lives shower down. To celebrate the night, the tournament is held. This is the tournament of the Starry Night."

Interesting, isn't it? Let's head on down and take a gander at the powerful monsters available to us. I hope they have a Garudian. I love those things!

Wait... It's empty. Why is it empty? There are a few monsters, but they don't seem very powerful. Talk to the kid with the slime.

"Hey you! You came here to steal my monsters?"

Pffffffft. Uh, let's see. The king asked to help him. We need to find our sister. I could say no and seem all knightly and stuff, but... Who am I kidding? YES.

"C'mon, I'll give you a beating. Sniff sniff.. Oh, you are a monster master. I know by your scent. You have the makings of a great master. I'm Pulio. I take care of this farm. I heard about you from the King. Take your monsters."

Wait for it...

"Well, actually I only have one monster... an old one... It's Slib. It was the favorite of our last king."

You're joking. Kid, you have a Slime, a Dracky, an ArmyAnt, a BigEye, a MadKnight, and a Lipsy in the farm. You're telling me I can't use them? Kid, you're gonna lose your job, but thank the gods Terry's here. After telling us how to use the farm, which will be covered in detail on the Kingdom page, we leave the farm bearing bad news.

"Oh, this monster is the former King's... Terry! Why did you adopt that monster? Huh? This is the only one left? That Pulio!!! He must've let the other monsters escape! Pulio! Pulio! Bring Pulio here!"
"Your Majesty, please forgive me."
"Pulio, did Hale escape as well?"
"Your Majesty, please forgive me! Hale escaped too."
"Arrgh! You! You let my precious Hale escape too! This is unforgivable! Throw him in the dungeon!"

Off with his head! Hahahaha. Wait. Terry, what are you doing? Don't move up! Don't move up! Sigh. Move up.

"What? Terry! You have something to say?! What? You will catch Hale to free Pulio? You say you will catch Hale? Ummm... Sounds interesting. You may try Terry."
"Majesty, Hale escaped through the Travelers' Gate."
"I see. Now Terry, proceed to the Traveler's Gate. If you bring Hale back, I will pardon Pulio. The treasure chest in the next room is now yours. Ask the minister about it. You are dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

And with that, the King scurries behind the curtain. Talking to the minister gets us nowhere, but Pulio tells us how to save.

Find the room on the left and take all the treasure! There's only two chests, but the items inside are useful to start off with. Two Herbs. Not bad. The first jester introduces us to what the Travelers' Gate really are.

"When you enter the Travelers' Gate, you will be sent to an alien world. There are magical holes in the mystic world and you can warp to the next level of the world though the holes. You should be able to come back when you defeat the monster on the last level."

They also mention about using the map, which is accessible through the SELECT button. This only works in the mystic realm. Exit the room, head down, and head to the newly unearthed staircase. The following room looks like a dungeon, and has three doors. Only one is open. Walk on through, and proceed through the Gate.

End of Chapter 1, Part 1.

Chapter 1, Part 2: Beginning - Hale's RealmEdit

Although the realm can be mapped out, I will not be covering every area in extreme detail. I will however, include the monsters found in each Gate. If any list is incomplete, I will go back and search some more.

Luckily, Hale's Realm doesn't have that many floors or monsters. Including his floor, Hale's Realm has the lowest at 5 floors and only 3 monster types.

Monsters Found: Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Slime Slime All
Anteater Beast All
Dracky Bird All
If lucky, these monsters can be recruited. I highly suggest getting an Anteater. Beast Family monsters boast strong Attack and HP stats. A strong attacker is needed to combat Hale, as he won't go down without a fight. Try to keep as many Herbs as you can find, as Slib is going to need them. I recommend grinding up to around level 5 and having a full team. Slib does get better, but the more monsters you have, the more damage you can deal. While walking, you'll notice something interesting on the bottom of the screen. Your monster's HP doesn't change, but with every few steps, they recover MP. This is very useful for monsters that can heal and use offensive spells.

Truck through the map, descend into the holes, and you'll arrive at Hale's Room. Hale is, to be brash, is the most infuriating first boss. He can heal, and he does so whenever he can. If you managed to snag an Anteater, the battle shouldn't be that hard.

"How do you do. I'm Hale. I know you are here to catch me. But you can forget it. The farm is boring. I don't wanna go back!"

After shutting him up, he'll surrender and you'll recruit him. I somehow managed to critical at 23 points of damage; Hale seems to have around 45 HP. After recruiting him, prepare to be shocked. You can re-name him and, if you check his info, he's level 6 and has 29 HP.

Boss monsters have exaggerated stats. Such a nice thing to know, is it not?

"You are strong! I like you, Terry."

Instead of vanishing like you'd expect, Watabou comes to greet us.

"Right on! Terry! I'll take you back to the castle!"

Isn't that nice? Seems like Watabou is a nice guy. I wonder if we can recruit him?

End of Chapter 1, Part 2


Chapter 2: When in Rome...Edit

Chapter 2, Part 1: The Medal Man!Edit

The clashing of swords and claws. The battle cries peircing the sounds of crowds growing wild. The smell of blood and iron in the air. This is a test of man's power. This is the element of battle. Between man and monster, challenges are made every day. Men will brawl for their ideals in order to prove themselves right and others wrong. Monsters will fight to prove their place in the food chain. There is nothing more stimulating and heartbreaking than a match in an arena.

Terry arrives back in the King's Chamber.

"Oh, Terry! Did you bring back Hale!? What? Hale said he doesn't want to come back to me? .. But he said he would rather join you? Hm.. I see.. Hm... You sure are good with monsters. Well done! I'm pleased with your performance! I will let Pulio go!"
"Thank you Terry! Now I can go back to my farm!"
"Terry. Go to the arena. Your rivals are waiting for you at the arena. You can compete in the tournament if you defeat all of them. You are dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

And now the real meat and potatoes of the game is uncovered; The Arena . It can be found just south of the castle, on the level below. Before we can move, something odd happens. Remember the man on the upper level? Sitting by the cliff? He falls. What do we do when someone falls down a cliff in an RPG? We follow them, of course! What? Paramedics? Nah! S'all good.

Before heading inside the Arena, head off to the right. Talk to the bard on the cliff. Apparently, there are special rooms in the Gate Realms in which Terry can record his journey. This is very important. Head up the stairs.

The man wearing a crown is none other than the Medal Man.

"Oh, welcome Mas... Ahem. I am the Medal Man. I collect TinyMedals scattered all over the world. If you find some, give'm to me! I'll reward you! The more medals, the better your reward. I'm counting on you. Busy Busy Busy...

Did he just...? He kind of does look like the King, actually. Nah, it couldn't be. Anyway, like he said, in the various realms scattered throughout the Gates, Terry will find a small coin-shaped item. These are TinyMedals. Keep all that you find! It's worth it!

End of Chapter 2, Part 1

Chapter 2, Part 2: GladiatorEdit

While we're not exactly Russell Crowe at the moment, we can do quite a few things that will earn us the same recognition and power that bearded beauty of a boss has. Retrace your steps to the Arena and head on inside.

The first room is for registration. Talk to the girl on the left first.

"Welcome to the Arena! Want to hear about the battle?"

Sure, why not?

"The last battle in G Class is with the prinicpal of the Master School."

Good thing I stopped to talk with this girl. Speaking to her tells us who we fight, but not what we fight. If you're a chatty litle butterfly, speak to everyone you can. If you say no, she'll go on to explain every mechanic in the Arena system. I'll add this when I get a chance. Now for the girl above her.

"Welcome to the arena. Huh? Me? I'm famous here. Everyone likes me. Hee hee. So, you want to become the champ to find your sister? To do that, you must survive here and represent our kingdom. There are classes in the arena. They start from G and go all the up to D. There are higher classes than D, but you're not ready for them yet. What do you think? Ready to fight?
G Class is free."

Every class has a cost except for G. The first 4 classes require a total of 160 G to participate. Don't sign up just yet; head over to the left room.

This is quite possibly the best spot to be in right now. Take a seat at the head of the table and watch your monsters follow suite. You can talk to them to see how they feel. Nice, ain't it?

The room on the right has a sole Master by the name of Teto. Remember him.

"H.. H.. Hello! M.. my name is T.. T.. Teto. What? Do you want to know how to win the battles? To win, train your monsters behind the Travelers' Gates, or make stronger monsters your pals. The only Travelers Gate you can go in now is the Gate of Beginning... Go back there many times to train monsters!"

If you said no.

"W, Well it's no use asking me. Ask the people inside."

Listen to Teto and head on north. I'm going to start from the room I mentioned earlier, where you can talk to your monsters.

If Watabou wasn't awesome enough, he seems to be something of a celebrity in the Kingdom, having two statues made to resemble his likeness. The man sitting in the corner, with the horned helmet, will reveal who you're going to be fighting in each and every class. However, he only offers info available for the first class we have yet to clear. For now, this is G Class.

Our opponent is the principal of the school nearby. Kinda wish he and that receptionist told us which monsters we'll be seeing...

You can talk to the BombCrag, but nothing useful is said. His Master doesn't share anything useful either, but does drop a hint regarding stats. Intelligence is used to determine the damage dealt by Spells. Agility, Attack, and Defense are pretty easy to guess. Attack determines non-spell damage; Agility determines who attacks first; Defense determines how much damage is taken from enemy attacks.

Further up north and we can see a strange mirror, a priest, and a Hork. Talk to the mirror for an interesting joke and a surprise. The mirror turns into Terry! But his joke falls flat. Talk to the Hork if you want to, but the Priest tells us the room up ahead is the school, where they teach children about monsters. I won't cover everything in there, but the information given to us is pretty useful.

Exit and that silly mirror is back. Head to the right and there are even more statues! Good lord, Watabou! Gimme some fame! Anyway, there's a Goopi here with three odd tiles in front of it. We can actually win against him, but it's best to save the reward for later. Trust me.

The nearby wizard mentions an item called a Bookmark. These act in the same way as the mysterious rooms do; allowing Terry to save his progress in the Gate Realms. The other Wizard tells us that these statues are the protectors of GreatTree, and that it's a good idea to save before clearing a Gate Realm.

The next screen has another important area; the cafe. Talk to the man at the entrance to learn about the Foreign Masters that appear in the Gate Realms. They can be helpful, but only if you best them in battle. There isn't much we can do here, but the man behind the counter informs us that a superior monster master has a well-balanced team of monsters. One that heals and one that attacks is the best combination anyone can have. Going all-out won't help, as even a single monster can decimate your team if you aren't careful. Add two more enemies and you won't make a dent in them.

Head south to see a Golem and his Master, as well as a hole in the barrels. Remember that for later.

The screen I avoided is the arena, and it's time to finally clear our first Arena Battle. If you wish, you can visit the screen and learn about the monsters found in the next Gates. I'll cover them once the time comes. Head back to reception and pick the G Class.


Our first opponent isn't tough; an Anteater and Two Drackies. We've fought these before, but now it's time to really let our monsters shine during these matches. In the battle menu, you may have noticed a certain word sitting in the corner.

The PLAN command is used to change a monster's way of battling. CHARGE is used to attack head-on with physical moves and offensive spells; MIXED is to use a combination of all skills and attacks; CAUTIOUS means to play it safe; and NO SP AK means no special attacks. In other words, the monster won't heal or use any spells.

If you have Hale in your party, set his PLAN to CAUTIOUS, and he'll heal your team as much as possible. The Slime is best with MIXED, although we might not have any spells at this point. For now, set your other members to CHARGE and watch the bloodbath begin.

A little bird told me that the Plan Command can also influence your monster's personality traits. I will not explain this until unlocking a special item from the shops.

Our next battle features a new monsters; Stubsuck.The Stubsuck is capable of putting your monsters to sleep, which we can't do much about.

Our third and final battle is against that Principal, who comes with two new monsters.

"I'm the Principal of the Master School! If you survive me, G Class is yours! Show me what you're made of!"

The Hork in the middle can poison you. If you obtained a Dracky, you can use it for it's Antidote spell. The Spooky surrounding it aren't too terrible of an enemy but they can use the LushLicks ability, which paralyzes a foe. Unfortunately, we can't combat against this ailment just yet.

If you're having trouble winning, head on back to Hale's Realm and do a little bit of grinding. Having monsters around level 10 should nullify any struggling. Once you best the Principal, G Class is now yours.

End of Chapter 2, Part 2


Chapter 3: Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?Edit

Legend has it that there are Gates in this realm that transport another to a distant land. Many Masters have claimed these realms are straight out of lore told long ago, woven through time's webs to become fairy tales and urban legends. These realms do exist, and they do carry monsters with destructive power and cunning. Only one brave enough to conquer these realms will earn the power of these beasts.

Chapter 3, Part 1: Tools of the TradeEdit

Upon victory, the minister will appear and take you to the castle.

"Oh, Sir Terry. Congratulations on your victory in G Class. The King summons you. Come this way!"
"Oh Terry! I heard you survived G Class! Well done! You're not b... Never mind!"
"How are you, King of GreatTree? I realized that you are the host this time. As the host, I hope you will fight with honor! Oh, what a cute little child. Were you playing with the King? I am the King of GreatLog. King of GreatTree, it's going to be a quick battle. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
"Argh, we will see who has the last laugh! Terry! You must win! I'll open the Room of Villager & Talisman as a reward. It'll be useful for you. There are stronger monsters there. You're dismissed! Busy! Busy! Busy!"

And thus, we meet the King of GreatLog. Such a nice fellow, isn't he? We'll show him! But before we rush off to the Gate Room, there are some things we can do now! The first item on our list is head back to the Arena and head down the next flight of stairs.

The Library is something we should definitely check out. If anyone has any info on monsters, it's the receptionist. Talk to him to check out the bestiary. We can only view monsters we've caught, but it's a great way to check out what skills they can learn. This is useful for creating new monsters, but we'll get to that specific part in the next chapter.

Talk to the woman guarding the desk to learn of a secret room. We can't access this unless we've befriended 100 Monsters! ONE HUNDRED?! It's possible if you utilize the Medal System and the subject of Chapter 4. For now, check out the rest of the Library and talk to the people inside. Read some books if you want to, but I'm heading to the Bazaar in the next screen.

Er, actually, it might be a good idea to check out the the room in this screen. This is the Vault. It's our bank, and can store gold and items. Items can be stored in single digits, but gold requires it be stored in increments of 100g. We don't have any money, so don't worry about it. Now, let's head on over to the Bazaar!

Talk to the man in green to check out what items are available. The more you progress in the game, the more shops become available to you. Like I said before, we don't have any gold, so we can't buy anything. Oh well.

Wander on over to the furthest screen and then south. Here we can see two men huddling over a grill. If your Slime has a fire spell, you can get a reward. I'll cover this later, because we need to grind if we want that reward. And trust me, I DO WANT THAT REWARD, DARN IT! Talk to the old woman to have her tell you your future.

Some girl is going to open a new a path for us!? Nice. She's mean!? Nevermind! Actually, if you try to head further down, there's a little girl blocking the way.

"Who do you think you are? What? You're a master? You look like a wimp. I won't let you pass!"

How rude. This must be the girl the fortune teller was talking about.

Leave the Bazaar after talking to the other various people, and mosey on back to the Gate Chamber if you haven't already. I'm still gonna call it Gate Room, though. The following Gates can be done in any order.

End of Chapter 3, Part 1

Chapter 3, Part 2: Villager - Dran's RealmEdit

With 5 Floors, Villager is on par with Hale's Realm. However, the monsters found here can be troublesome.

Monsters Found: Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Stubsuck Plant 1-4
GoHopper Bug 1-4
Anteater Beast 1-2
Picky Bird 1-2
Gremlin Devil 3-4
PillowRat Beast 3-4

We know what the Anteater and Stubsuck can do, but the others are problematic. GoHoppers can use ChargeUp, which deals extra damage; Pickies can use BugBlow, which deals bonus damage against Bug Family monsters; Gremlins can use Firebal; and PillowRats can dodge attacks and use Ramming.

If you're going to befriend any monsters, I suggest nabbing at least one of each. Especially the Gremlin. Personal preference for me, but also useful for the Bazaar. Speaking of, if you decided to travel around in these new Gates, you'll notice little coins on the ground. You might think these are TinyMedals, but they might also be Gold. Gather all the Gold you can, sell some Herbs, and buy some Jerky from the Bazaar. You can also find meat on the ground in the Realms. These will make capturing monsters much easier.

You may have also noticed a wandering Master. I'd avoid them for now; they are just too powerful for Terry to handle. There are also seeds. These are used to boost stats. I don't personally use them, but you can if you want to.

Truck on through and you'll arrive in a bedchamber with a princess and a sleeping Green Dragon. Does this room look familiar to you? It should if you played Dragon Warrior I. Many, if not all, of the bosses in this game are throwbacks to the previous main series installments.

Ignoring the motto of Hogwarts, in which one should never tickle a sleeping dragon, we're going to rescue that princess!

"Oh! My prince! You came here to save me?"


"Oh, I'm so happy! *blush* Oh please carry me back to the castle!"
Terry tried to pick up the princess... in vain!
"It is okay. You're still little. That is why you couldn't carry me. Please leave quietly."

But thou must?

"Please leave quietly."

But thou must...

"I'll wait for a stronger hero to save me."

Talk to her again.

"I know. There will be a youth... But it's not you. My name's Laura. Thank you."

If only we could carry her... Wait, isn't there a Laura in Fantasy Life? Isn't that dragon called the Napdragon? Woah... Talk to the dragon.

"Zzz... zzzz.... ....*bust!* It's been a long time since I've seen a guest."

The Dragon can breath fire and swipe at a single monster with a flaming talon. If you snagged a Stubsuck, use the sleeping ability and whack at the Dragon until he wakes up and put him to sleep again. Use your herbs if Hale doesn't cut it with Heal. Alternatively, you can have Hale use Upper or Increase to raise defense. The Dragon is tough, but we can recruit it!

"You're strong!!"
"You couldn't carry the princess. Oh well! Let's go back!"

By now, you'll realize that Watabou will always take you back. And he's right. We better save that girl for another hero. Someone more worthy.

End of Chapter 3, Part 2

Chapter 3, Part 3: Talisman - Golm's RealmEdit

"Oh Terry! You beat the Dragon! You're better than you look... There are millions of monsters behind the Travelers' Gates."
"Oh... King..."
"Well maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it's up to you Terry! Use the Vault & Library well. You're dismissed! Busy! Busy! Busy!"

He's actually not exaggerating. With all these new monsters we've just seen, it does seem like they're up there in the hundreds, if not thousands. Anyway, there isn't really much we can do here but, with Dran, or any Fire spell user in our party, we can do something in the Bazaar. I'm going to cover this later, because we're not yet ready for what lies beyond.

Once you clear a Gate, you'll notice that it stops moving. Don't be alarmed. If you haven't obtained all the monsters in the Gate Realm, you can go back and try to win them over. Let's head on down to the other Gate and kick some ass.

Monsters Found: Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Spooky Zombie 1-5
ArmyAnt Bug 1-5
Anteater Bug 1-3
MiniDrak Dragon 1-3
Goopi Material 4-5
Picky Bird 4-5

The first thing you'll notice on this list is a Material monster. Material monsters are known for having Fire and Ice resistance, as well as high defense. If you want a tank, nab yourself a Goopi. The only problem is that they can use LegSweep to take away a turn from you and even call for help! Yikes! We've dealt with three of these monsters before, but the ArmyAnts and MiniDraks are not to be taken lightly, especially at our current levels. Dragons are immune to Fire spells, and the MiniDrak can utilize this with Sandstorm, which blinds enemies. They can also use Ramming, and can call for help. Nab one if you can. The ArmyAnts can put us to sleep with NapAttack and use Kamikaze. Don't let them use Kamikaze. Nab one of these and keep it on your team if you can. The boss hates sleeping.

"You, stop right there! You shall not pass. I'm Golem the protector of this village!"

Ah, that cutscene. Nothing says "hello" like a golem kicking Warubou in the face.

Yes, our boss is the Golem. If you remember him from Dragon Warrior I, then you'll understand why I said to nab an ArmyAnt. Or, if you still have a Dracky, you can use the Sleep spell it learns. The Golem only focuses on one opponent at a time, and can use ChargeUp to inflict massive damage. If you kept Hale on the team, you'll be able to win using Heal and Increase. Keep trucking. If you fail, go grind up some in Villager and then come back.

Once you best him, he'll join the roster.

"You are powerful. But defeating me doesn't mean you can enter the village."
"This village is an illusion of Golem. That's why you cannot go in. Let's go back to the castle!"

End of Chapter 3, Part 3

Chapter 3, Part 4: Ruin - Pash's RealmEdit

"Oh Terry! You beat Golem! Well done, considering your size! There are millions of monsters behind the Travelers' Gates."
"Oh... King..."
"Well maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it's up to you Terry! Use the Vault & Library well. You're dismissed! Busy! Busy! Busy!"

Yeah, he says the same thing, but I don't know what his problem is. How can a kid like Terry defeat a Golem based on his size? Sure, we're fast and nimble, but the Golem ain't that big!

Back on track, there are a few more things we can do. Remember that barbecue grill near the old woman? It's time to heat it up. There's a catch however... If you want to keep your Dragon, Slime, or any Fire spell user, go back to the previous gates and catch another Slime or a Gremlin. You will be losing this monster forever. Once you're content with the choice you will be making, or if you caught a spare monster, go talk to the men at the grill.

The reward you will receive is a very special Gate Realm.

Monsters Found: Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
FairyRat Beast 1-2
BigRoost Bird 1-5
SpotSlime Slime 1-2
Crestpent Dragon 1-2
DragonKid Dragon 3-5
Catapila Bug 3-8
BeanMan Plant 3-5
Demonite Devil 6-8
Hork Zombie 6-8
1EyeClown Devil 6-8
Holy shit, look at all these monsters. It might be a good idea to grind up in the previous gates.

With 9 floors, covering these monsters is going to be a hassle, so I'll try and simplify them.

The first notable monster on this list is the BeanMan. He can use TwinHits to boost attack, rob you of magic, and can use this magic to reveal the layout of the terrain. The FairyRat can use Slow to slow you down, attack your Slimes with Slime Blow, and make you dizzy with Surround, the unforgettable sound. High Voltage. BigRoost, despite looking stupid, can Dodge, attack with wind using VacuSlash, and can use Sandstorm. Nab one of these; you can't create them in-game.

Crestpents are a must-have. They can use PoisonHit, turn into a giant Dragon with BeDragon, and use StopSpell. However, these last two abilities can only be obtained upon capture. DragonKid is what Dragonkid does. FireAir and SleepAir are dangerous, and the ability to Dodge is always a problem. Catapila is a funny name, but say that to its face and it will Poison your entire party, much like the Hork. SpotSlimes are able to use LushLicks and CallHelp. With a bit of training, they can also use Imitate. 1EyeClowns can use magic, but the Demonite can't, even though he has BlazeMore. Nab one, if not all, of these monsters.

While exploring this realm, you might notice some odd tiles that are colored purple. These are damaging terrain tiles, and the only way to bypass them is by using a specific skill called Stepguard. Only a few monsters can learn this skill, but we don't have access to any of them yet. For now, tread carefully. If a level-hole is surrounded by this terrain, you're gonna have to take the damage.

Another thing to look out for are little staff-like items. These staves can be used by Terry to either Attack enemies or protect his monsters. Pick these up and store them for future use, or sell them if you're confident in your team's abilities.

The last thing to look for are Treasure Room Floors. I won't go into detail about these, as the name explains themselves.

This boss is quite possibly the most deadliest out of the first bunch. His skills include BeastCut, which deals heavy damage to any Beast-family monsters, and Massacre, which can be used to deal heavy damage to a random monster, including himself.

"... ... ..."

Yup. He doesn't talk.

"... ... ..."

Lovely guy, right? Oh hey, it's Watabou.

"This place was ruined by monsters a long time ago... so long ago... Well, let's go."
"Oh Terry! You beat MadKnight! How did you find the Travelers' Gate for MadKnight? You're almost as clever as I am."
"Oh.. King..."
"Well maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it's up to you Terry! Use the Vault & Library well. You're dismissed! Busy! Busy! Busy!"

Now it is time for us to wreck the Arena.

End of Chapter 3, Part 4


Chapter 4: The Key to VictoryEdit

Chapter 4, Part 1: To Impress a QueenEdit

Somewhere in the Monster Realm is a special place. In the roots of a giant tree, rivaling that of Yggdrasil, sits a shrine. When two monsters wish to wed one another, and give breath to a powerful new beast, they may seek this place. However, a Master is needed; one who has tamed such creatures and has instilled unto them, the gift of evolution. This is the Shrine of Starry Night.

And with that hiccup fixed, lets' move on! I would've done the usual "insert King's text here", but with Pash's Realm being special, I devoted all things involving said Realm to his own chapter.

Anyway, it's time to head back to the arena and check out the next class. Before registering, be sure to speak to the man who tells you about the final opponent.

Looks like we're fighting... some guy in a well. He's a professor who loves zombies, it seems. And the information the leaker gives us in incredibly useful! Beware the flying Raven, and don't let the Pup scare you. Fortunately, we have Hale on our side. If you want to, you can visit the well but, the professor is kinda scary...

By scary, I mean he kinda looks like a Grakos. Or a Servant. Or... He looks like a monster. Doesn't mean he is one. He's kinda nice and polite. I feel bad for having to beat his team. Let's go register.


Our first match in the arena is against... Spotslimes. Well, we know what they can do. They're a handful by the lonesome, but three of them? I guess they are kind of cute-looking... DESTROY THEM. If you have Pash, one-to-two hits is all it will take to fell them.

The second round is against MudDolls and Almiraj. MudDolls can put you to sleep and Dodge, and the Almiraj can use Ramming. Nothing much to say here. If you have Pash, you will win easily.

It's time for the final match.

"I'm conducting secret research at the bottom of the well. And I'm a super top-class monster master. Come on! Try to take me!"

The SkullRoo can use ChargeUp. If you have Hale, set him to CAUTIOUS and he may use Increase to boost your defenses. If he can keep them raised, while healing your hard-hitters, you won't have any trouble. If you lose, don't worry. You can always try again after grinding up your monsters.

Upon completion, we unlock the Rooms of Memories and Bewilder. Before we tackle those, we need to prepare!

Remember that staircase we unlocked after beating the Goopi five times in a row? No? We didn't beat the Goopi? Go do so now. The game isn't that hard. All you need to do is predict his moves. If you lose, his moves don't change, so remember them well.

There's actually a big hint if you talk to the bard in the Tavern.

"Army Bomb Army, Bubble Army...! Uuu I wanna meet the Queen... Army Bomb Army..."

Riiight, we should go visit Teto now.

"Ha ha ha... It's E Class. I survived E Class! Oh, you're still in F Class? Call me Master Teto from now on!"

Oh, we're gonna grind him into the d- It all makes sense now. I know why Terry is always looking to get stronger. It's Teto. It's gotta be! Forget him! Let's go up that staircase!

Why, it's a princess! No, a Queen? And a minister! And some guy named Mick? Wow, what a let-down. Let's leave!

Actually no, don't leave. Talk to the princess to find out she's indeed the King's Wife- the Queen of GreatTree.

"I am the Queen of GreatTree. I like to watch battles. It seems you haven't paid a visit to the Starry Shrine. Come back later. I am not interested in weaklings."

Ouch. Not even Dran's FireAir can cool down that attitude. Don't worry though. We're all ready to visit the Starry Shrine. Exit the Arena and go down. Really. Seriously. Go down! But first... check out that Teddy Bear. Seems familiar... Anyway, Shrine time!

End of Chapter 4, Part 1

Chapter 4, Part 2: Of Monsters and MagicEdit

Told ya so! Remember that old lady who told us our future? She was right. Head down the stairs.

The first room is really useful. If you see those vines, you can travel up them to reach the Farm, but you can't travel back down them. Sucks, but oh well. While you're here, head to the screen on the upper left and stand under the SkyDragon.

Thwack! You got your first egg! This monster, the SkyDragon, is epic. Why? Because we have just received the first half of the most powerful Dragon in the entire game. Yes. 50% of the most powerful dragon, the Divinegon, is in our hands. But getting the other half is rather difficult, and will be explained in a different part of the wiki.

Mosy on back to the Shrine, and visit the top screen.

It's the old man from before!

"Oh, long time no see! Remember me? I am the old man who took you to the castle when you first came to GreatTree. People call me Master Monster Tamer. This is the Shrine of Starry Night. It is the place for breeding monsters and hatching eggs.
Breeding is the wedding of monsters. When they are wed, an egg is laid. Eggs hatch into monsters. What can I do for you today?"

What can't he do? We have our first egg, a SkyDragon, so we could go ahead and hatch it. Let's not and visit someone else. If you want to, you can check what monsters your own can create but, chances are, we don't have the right genders.

Correct me if I am wrong on this, but Slib, Hale, Dran, Golm, and Pash are all male by default. If you've been spamming the gates, unlike me, you may have a few female monsters in tow. Not only that, but any monster below level 10 cannot be used to breed for more powerful monsters. Leave the Shrine after you came to do what you need to, and let's visit that screen to the right of the shrine.

"Create the ultimate monsters!"

Oh we will, and this little lady sitting by her lonesome is gonna be very important in creating the ultimate monsters.

"Oh, what a cute monster master you are! What's your name? Terry... So you're little Terry. I am an egg consultant. Nice to meet you! I'll 'evaluate' your egg at my place. And I can find out for you what kind of baby is in your eggs!
My other job is 'blessing'. Blessing changes the gender of monsters! Got it? How can I help you?"

In order to bless our SkyDragon egg, we must first evaluate what gender it is. If I recall correctly, the SkyDragon's gender is random. Pay the small fee to check out the gender. If the gender isn't to your liking, you can always change it. A blessing costs a little more, but the outcome is worth it.

Aside from determining the gender, the Evaluator also tells us what kind of growth and personality our monster has. The SkyDragon I picked up will grow fast, and is pretty smart. It's also a girl. Aww, she's a cute little giant dragon... She's gonna be a boss, oh yes she is!


"WHAT! Leaving?! Do something!!"


"Oh! You're leaving so soon. Come again!"

End of Chapter 4, Part 2

Intermission! - Breeding TroublesEdit

Before I continue on with the walkthrough, I'm going to give a basic rundown of how breeding works.

For end game, I'm going to have quite a few powerful monsters in tow, and I will reveal them in due time. For now, here's an example team.

Monster Family Recipe Spells Obtained
Tonguella Beast Any Beast + Any Slime Nap Attack, Lush Licks, Sleep Air
Poisongon Dragon Any Dragon + Any Zombie Poison Hit, Lush Licks, Poison Gas
Wyvern Bird Any Bird + Any Dragon Heal, Frigidair, Sleep

Now, if you'll notice on the little table, it says I can use any monster of the required species. This is true, but there are some beasties who require specific monsters in order to be created. I'd give an example, but I wouldn't want to spoil anything.

Fair warning, obtaining monsters is harder than it seems. Your inventory will have to be full of whatever meat you can buy, and your luck will have to be damn near insane. Unfortunately for me, my monsters are all male, so I only have to worry about obtaining female monsters. The monster known as Lips, or Lipsy, has a skill called Ahhh which has a different effect on the enemy monster. If the enemy is female, they will be stunned. If the enemy is male, they will take damage. Consider it the answer to Pokemon's Curse move or the ability Trace. If you're a heavy breeder, get this monster.

When breeding two monsters, the skills already learned are all inherited. So if I wanted my Tonguella to have WhiteAir, my Poisongon to have WhiteFire, and my Wyvern to have HealUsAll, I can use monsters that have learned these respective skills (in base form), and they will be passed down onto the newborn monster. There are some skills that require higher stats, and breeding is the only way to get these stats. A somewhat better explanation of what I mean can be found in Chapter 5.

There's actually a good chunk of a tidbit learned by talking to Mick before entering the Starry Shrine.

"I'm Mick. Those clingy fans are annoying. Breeding between weaklings is not useful. It's better to breed trained monsters. HP, MP, and other values of the newborns are determined by the average of their parents'. If the newborns have a high HP, MP, and other values at level 1, the newborns can quickly increase their levels. So, this is much better than starting from level 1 with low values."

End of Intermission!

Chapter 4, Part 3: Memories - Gig's RealmEdit

If you decided to use the Starry Shrine to create new monsters, you should have little to no trouble with these next few Gate Realms. Let's check out the monsters.

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Goopi Material 1-2
PillowRat Beast 1-2
Dragonkid Dragon 1-2
Catapila Bug 1-4
Picky Bird 3-4
FairyRat Beast 3-4
SpotSlime Slime 3-4
There's nothing we haven't seen but, since we have access to the Starry Shrine, there quite a few new monster recipes we can unlock. The only one of importance is the Dragon recipe. If you bred away Dran there's nothing to worry about. Breed two Dragonkids in order to create another Dragon. The Dragon will carry all the abilities from the Dragonkids, so there's a neat little bonus.

If you managed to win over at least four Crestpents, breed them together to create a WingSnake, and then breed those WingSnakes to create a Coatal. WingSnakes act similar to a Poisongon, but ditch all but PoisonHit for SquallHit and HighJump. SquallHit allows the monster to attack first, regardless of the agility stat. HighJump is basically Dragon Quest's mirror to the moves Fly, Dig, Bounce, and Dive in the Pokemon games. The monster earns a small grace period in which it can't be attacked, and then deals damage on the next turn. Coatols are vastly different from WingSnakes, utilizing Bang and BoltSlash while also preventing allies from being attacked with Breath Moves by using SuckAll.

Another thing I should note about Crestpents is the ability to use BeDragon. The requirements for obtaining the skill ask for stats above the hundreds, but it's well worth the effort. The little Crestpent turns into a monstrous dragon with pre-set skills. These include high level magic attacks such as SnowStorm and Scorching. It's third skill is DeMagic. If there's a monster you have in mind that can benefit from these moves, breed the Crestpent once you get the skill, which may take a while. For now, save your monsters and wait until a little later.

Let's throw all of our attention at the boss now.

"Grrrr... Whoosh! Whoooosh!"

Talk to the MadCat again.

"Guffaw Guffaw..? Cackle Cackle...?

And again...

"Grrrr... Whoosh! Whoooosh! ......cackle!!"

Remember Hand of the Heavenly Bride? Remember the giant cat? Yeah, that's our boss. I've never played the game, but Gig shows me just how awesome it must be. Our MadCat can use SquallHit, VacuSlash, and Leg Sweep. These moves can really hurt and throw you off balance, which is why I mentioned the WingSnake. Any move that offers a grace period can bypass Leg Sweep. The monsters I attempted to breed were solely for preventing moves that take away a turn and offer chip damage while still being offensive. Sleep is the way to go, and you can never go wrong with Poison or Paralysis. Pash is also very useful here, as he carries BeastCut, which deals massive damage to monsters of the Beast Family.

If you can best the MadCat, which isn't that hard...

"Terry! Terry! Meow. Purrr..."

If only cats could talk... Hi Watabou.

"It seems MadCat is attached to Terry! Let's go back!"

Chapter 4, Part 4: Bewilder - Face's RealmEdit

"Oh Terry! You beat MadCat! They say MadCat has the agility of the wind. Your agility must be like a tornado!"
"Oh... King..."
"It reminds me. Have you been going to the Shrine of Starry Night to breed your monsters? Master breeding and you will master battle. Better breeding makes stronger monsters. You are dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

With Gig in our party, we can create quite a few monsters with him. However, the most interesting recipe my source provides is for the MadCat itself. The King says MadCat has the agility of the wind. If you combine any Beast with a Dragon, you can create a MadCat. You can take the slowest monster, pair it with Dran, and have a speedster. Game logic is amusing.

Before tackling the next Gate Realm, it might be a good idea to keep breeding. I'm going to take a little pause and see what I can't get out of the Shrine.

I can't get shit, really. Moving on!

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
MiniDrak Dragon 1-2
BigRoost Bird 1-2
DragonKid Dragon 1-2
SpotSlime Slime 1-5
EvilSeed Plant 3-5
Demonite Devil 3-5
Crestpent Dragon 3-5
Hork Zombie unknown
"Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin." 
- Aesop.

The EvilSeed is the only new monster on this list. Boasting Paralysis, a CleanCut to cleave Materials, and Radiant, this monster is one to look out for. If you manage to snag four of these Devil Seeds, combine them to create two ManEaters. ManEaters can use SleepAir, attack Dragons, and psyche themselves up. If you further combine these two ManEaters, you'll get a Snapper. These can use StopSpell, LureDance and CallHelp.

Burst on through if you can and you'll reach a forest.

Welcome to the first of many gimmick rooms for the remaining bosses. The first thing you want to do is kill the Stubsucks. They will block your path, preventing you from reaching the boss. To get to the boss, you need to herd the Stubsucks in such a way, that the boss can be easily accessible. You cannot talk to the boss from the side however.

But, if you're like me and moved UP and then RIGHT, you can fight the boss after one Stubsuck. The Stubsucks aren't too terrible, but offer 101 EXP per battle.

"Hee hee hee! I didn't think you could make it this far. Unfortunately, this is a dead end."

The FaceTree! Or Treeface. I don't know what game this guy is from, but I do know he's a nuisance. If you have Fire spell users such as Dran, Slib, or the SkyDragon, bring them along. Don't bother using spells that cause sleeping, as Plant Family monsters are resistant to them. Fair warning, like the EvilSeed, he can use Curse. This generates a random effect that lasts through the battle. Effects include MP-draining, paralysis, or any other status effect, It's basically like Effect Spore from Pokemon. Other abilities include StopSpell, which prevents spells from being used, and OddDance. Based on the caster's level, OddDance drains MP.

Yeah, this guy is a nuisance.

"Ha ha ha! You beat me!"
"You did a good job solving the Forest Maze. Sometimes taking the longest path is the shortest path."

Watabou... All I did was go UP and then RIGHT. Sigh.

End of Chapter 4, Part 4


Chapter 5: To Be a Master!Edit

The power of friendship. When one human being trusts another with their life, a bond is formed that can only be broken when the two hearts are at war with another. Such a bond is needed to evolve and grow stronger. There is one such human in the Monster Realm that will be an invaluable asset to those who need them. Some have already proved their worth, but what they offer is a little under just enough. What one needs... is a Monster Tamer who rivals one's own power.

Chapter 5, Part 1: Teto! The Terrific Master Monster Tamer!Edit

"Oh Terry! You defeated FaceTree! I heard FaceTree casts curses. Why don't you cast a curse on the King of GreatLog?"
"Oh... King..."
"It reminds me. Have you been going to the Shrine of Starry Night to breed your monsters? Master breeding and you will master battle. Better breeding makes stronger monsters. You are dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

Let's get to it! Head on right to the Arena and see what's coming our way!

It's... No. It can't be!


Here comes the boom! We're gonna kick ass and chew bubblegum! 'Cept we have no bubblegum.

Our first battle is against monsters we've yet to see before, aside from the Crestpent. I've explained what the Poisongon does, but the TreeSlime is something else entirely. It can paralyze you. If you've been breeding your Dracky, you probably have a CoilBird with NumbOff and Antidote. To get a CoilBird, breed your Dracky with a Goopi. The TreeSlime can also put your enemies to sleep.

Our second match is against a Dragon, a DrakSlime and a FairyDrak. I absolutely HATE FairyDraks. Why? LushLicks, SleepAir, and Surround. It specializes in causing inaction and sleeping. If you have something with DrakSlash, use it. The DrakSlime is a little annoying, too. I say "a little" because they don't have BeDragon. The Dragon, well, we all know and love him.

Our final match is against the one, the only, the guy who loved to gloat a few chapters ago... 

"Hey Terry. Welcome. I am Master Teto. Do you think you can defeat me? Ha ha ha! Don't let your defeat bother you!"

It's Teto! Yeah, we're finally fighting him! He's no pushover.

His Armorpede is a monster used to create an EvilArmor, one of my favorites. His skills include Upper, which boosts defense; TwinHits, which boosts attack; and TwinSlash, which is your standard recoil-inducing move. His Snaily are capable of using IceBolt, NumbOff, and CallHelp. Nothing special, but they can take a few hits.

Best the class and the King will unlock our next two gates. Before checking them out, let's pay a visit to Teto and rub ourt victory in his face!

"Oh I'm sorry! I was rude..! Give me another chance! Why don't we breed our monsters, Terry? I have IceMan. C'mon, let's breed them!"

This is the first of many NPC Breeding Requests, and it's only fitting that Teto is the first to ask. His IceMan is very special, containing the abilities of Sleep, RobMagic, Cover, and TailWind. Not only that, but the monster itself is very special in terms of what recipes it can be used in.

A Balzak requires an IceMan or a LavaMan and any Devil. A GoldGolem requires both an IceMan and a LavaMan. Additional recipes will be covered in the Kingdom of GreatTree page found here on the wiki.

If that wasn't enough, the NPC Monster will always be the opposite gender of whatever monster you're using. Unfortunately, your monster takes priority as the Pedigree, so the Balzak can't be obtained through this method.

Once you've gotten your eggs, provided you accepted Teto's request, head on over to the cafe.

The knight clad in red armor is a little drunk, but offers to breed himself I mean his CatFly with your monsters. While the monster itself isn't all that amazing, it comes with the abilities of Upper, RobMagic, and TwinHits. These abilities are not found on normal CatFly.

Whether you accepted or not, let's pay a visit to someone special now. Let's visit the Queen's Chamber.

"I am the Queen of GreatTree. Will you comply with my request? I long to see a monster called WingSlime. Bring me the Slime with wings!"

We could have done this immediately after accessing the Shrine of Starry Night, but since Teto and many other Tamers are offering to breed their monsters with yours, I figured it'd be about time to cover this miniquest. The Queen will ask to see a variety of monsters. Show her what she asks, and she will reward you. Again, this will be covered on the Kingdom page.

The real reason we're here is because of Mick.

"I'm Mick. It's hard to deal with all my fans!"
"The Queen gave me a personal invitation."
"If you become famous, you'll be invited too!"
"Why are you bugging me so much? I'll let you breed with my monster to get you off my back. You only have weak monsters. Mine is Lizardman. Here is my monster!"

Yeah, Mick's a moron, but his Lizardman is not. With the abilities of Heal, Vivify, and StrongD, you want to accept this request. One of the monsters I was looking for was a Wyvern. While it can't benefit from StrongD that much, having Vivify right off the bat is incredibly useful. If you're looking for a Wyvern, use one of your birds with Mick's Lizardman. If you want to get the most out of Mick's Lizardman, try using an AgDevil with it. This requires a Devil such as SkulRider, EvilBeast, Gremlin, or MedusaEye with any Dragon Family member. I won't spoil what monster it makes, but it's well worth it.

Don't forget to save before actually accepting the request!

Now let's mosy on over to the Well and Bazaar.

The Scientist wants a monster with an electric skill. This includes Bolt, Zap, Thordain, BoltSlash, Lightning, and HellBlast. If you've been breeding Horks with other Horks, you may have come across a monster called BoneSlave. BoneSlave specialize in electric abilities, so keep that in mind. We'll ignore this man for later and check the Bazaar.

Talk to the two women one screen over to the right and witness a little cutscene in which Warubou... kicks a woman off the cliff...

Well, she's dead. Let's move up to the Farm!

End of Chapter 5, Part 1

Chapter 5, Part 2: Stable Staples for Stable FootingEdit

Actually, the woman's okay. Leave the screen and then come back. It's like nothing happened at all. Nothing at all.

Race back to the Monster Farm and move one screen over to the left. Remember the ArmyAnt? Remember the ladder? What? You don't remember the ladder? Well good, because if you managed to visit that place early in the game, you have expert skills, my friend.

Let's go climb down that ladder and see what it holds.

Oh my god, Watabou has a house. There's meat on the table and his roommate is a mushroom! Let's eat it!

Oh, it can talk. The hint it drops is pretty good. Dragons and Beasts apparently drop dead and snore when hit with SleepAir. Let's keep this in mind. Watabou doesn't say anything. He's eating delicious meat. I hate him. Let's move.

If you want to, you can talk to the hidden Stubsuck in the beds. Everything it says is very important.

"Zzz... You're at the Monster Stable. Currently sleeping...zz. No Experience points... zz. Nobody wakes me up... zz. Nobody... zz. zzz.."

Yep. The Monster Stable is basically the equivalent of a Pokemon PC. The only difference is that the Stable is the PC itself, while the Farm is a Daycare.

On to the next room. There's a giant Tree oh my god Face wants revenge because I managed to fell all the Stubsucks this time around. His revenge?

"I've lived here a long time. So I know everything. For example, Monsters with larger numbers added to their names, grow to be stronger than monsters of the same type with lower numbers."

A plus number is basically this game's equivalent of Pokemon's Inherited Values or IVs. The higher the plus number, the more likely your monster is going to have better stats at level 10 than a monster without a plus number. However, not all stats will reach 999, as each stat has a cap of sorts.

Let's head north and visit... a coffin room.


Speaking to the Demonite gifts you more valuable information. Personality is something I mentioned in passing while visiting the Evaluator.

"Monsters fight differently depending on their personalities. They might ignore orders if the orders don't match their personalities."
"A good personality makes good things happen!"

The Demonite mentions that ordering the same command over and over again will change your monster's personality. I have never tested this, but I do know that another way to change a personality is through Books. I will talk about these when the time comes.

For now, I think it's best if we dive a bit into the world of Personalities. If you hadn't guessed it, these are the equivalent of a Pokemon Nature.

My Slib has the Ordinary personality. A monster with an Ordinary personality is exactly in the middle of the Command spectrum and will neither do good nor bad when being commanded. My Hale has the Whimsy personality, and excels when being asked to be Cautious.

The perfect personality is HotBlood, which excels in all Command spectrums, while Lazy is terrible at being commanded. A more in-depth guide of Personalities will be posted on the Kingdom page after this chapter is complete.

Let's talk to the coffins... only to find some Hork brothers.

Moving on!

The spinning DragonKid makes a mention of a skill called MetalCut, which hacks the bodies of Metal monsters. The earliest monster capable of using MetalCut is an Anteater. Keep this skill and monster in mind. You may already have something that has inherited the skill.

The two Slimes don't offer much, but the one facing Terry says something about a monster called BigEye, and how it's great at IceBolt. I think we should visit these two again after clearing the two new gates. But first, visit the final room up north and talk to the KingSlime.

"A skill such as Vivify can evolve into Revive with experience. But to evolve. Level, MP & Intelligence have to be over a certain value. For example, if you have Vivify, it will evolve to Revive... When your values exceed Level X, MP Y, and Intelligence Z."

In my Intermission, I made mention of skills called WhiteFire, WhiteAir, and HealUsAll. These skills are evolutions of other skills. Our Dragon, Dran, has the base form of WhiteFire. It's called FireAir. Over the course of the game, and provided you've used Dran enough, it will have changed into BlazeAir. This is Level 2 of the skill, and will become Scorching at Level 3, and then WhiteFire at Level 4.

Now I know what you may be thinking... Do all skills reach their final form at Level 4? The Dragonkid and KingSlime answered this for you by using MetalCut and Vivify as an example. Some skills can't evolve, some evolve once, and some evolve even twice or three times. The only way to know for sure is by passing the borders set by X, Y, and Z. Remember what Mick said in my Intermission? Keep breeding with seasoned monsters to pass the Y and Z borders and all you'll need to worry about is your monster's level.

In some cases however, Z can be anything from Attack to Defense to Agility to Intelligence. In fact, Z can be any combination of these stats, including all four.

There is nothing to be done at the Stable, so now it's time to get to the bulk of this entire Chapter. It's time to visit Peace and Bravery.

End of Chapter 5, Part 2

Chapter 5, Part 3: Peace - Fang's RealmEdit

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
BigRoost Bird 1-3
SpotSlime Slime 1-3
CoilBird Material 1-3
Crestpent Dragon ALL
DragonKid Dragon 4-5
BoneSlave Zombie 4-5
Almiraj Beast 4-7
Hork Zombie 6-7
BullBird Bird 6-7
CoilBirds, BoneSlaves and BullBirds.

The CoilBird is the most useful monster for trying to obtain a skill called Surge. Surge is a FullHeal. It alleviates Poison, Paralysis, Panic, etc. Not only that, but the CoilBird is absolutely harmless. All it can do is cure status and prevent breath attacks from working. BoneSlaves are going to be needed for a special man, so grab one if you can. BullBird is a rather awkward monster. ChargeUp and Ramming hurts a lot.

In addition to these monsters, an item called Potion will show up every now and then. Potions recover MP. While walking around to restore MP is useful, Potions are battle-ready.

After clobbering these levels with your new monsters, it's time for the boss!

Welcome to the Casino! Let's be a good influence to our missing sister and waste all the G we've earned!

No, we can't actually do that. Talking to everyone doesn't get us anywhere, but that peculiar beast seems rather interesting.

"That customer has an attitude! Can you do something about it?"
"Gwrrrrrrrr.. This machine gave me nothing!"

Okay, I lied. Play with the slot machines to earn Monster Gold easily, and then talk to the beast's slot machine from behind. Now let's rub our winnings in his face!

"Gwrrrrrrrr.. Why are you the only lucky one? Gimme that Monster Gold!"

Say hello to FangSlime! He killed me! FangSlime can use WarCry, ChargeUp and CallHelp. In other words, he's one big SpotSlime. Stay healed, unlike me, and you should win easily.

I hope...

Chapter 5, Part 4: Bravery - BigEye's RealmEdit

"No luck today!"

I should hope not. Remember when I praised the SkyDragon? She really made a difference in the battle. Well, that and Hale managed to learn HealMore.

"Hey, you don't have any use for Monster Gold. It's mine now!! ...Hee hee. I am in luck after all!"
"Did you have a good time at the Casino? Time to go back to the castle."

But, but, but... Oh fine.

"Oh Terry! You beat FangSlime! You visited the casino? Did you have any luck? What? Monster Gold? It isn't worth anything here!!"
"Oh... King..."
"It reminds me. Have you been going to the Shrine of Starry Night to breed your monsters? Master breeding and you will master battle. Better breeding makes stronger monsters. You are dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"
Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Demonite Devil 1-3
1EyeClown Devil 1-3
BeanMan Plant ALL
FloraMan Plant ALL
SaberMan Material 4-5
GiantWorm Bug 4-8
BullBird Bird 6-8
Man, oh, man...

Three new monsters to check out here.

The FloraMan we've seen in the Farm, but in battle, he's a little annoying. With Firebane, he doesn't hurt much unlike the other spell users. The SabreMan can hack away at Devil monsters with DevilCut and can also paralyze you. GiantWorms can use BeastCut. With this in mind, pick your party carefully and let's descend to the boss room.

On the way you might pick up something special called Sirloin. This is the ultimate Monster Treat. Keep as many on hand as possible if you're looking to complete the Library.

Left side, Up, Up, Right, Up.

That is the path to the BigEye. Once there, t- Wait, who's that? How did he manage to jump that gap?!

"Tut! Not in here either."

Uh... Okay? Let's just clear this gate and worry about this man later.

"There are cliffs that you can jump down. Have you tried jumping down the cliffs?"

With cliffs on his mind, the BigEye itself is a nuisance, prefering to use Ice magic such as IceBolt and IceAir. He can also heal. Monsters like Pash and Dran can handle themselves by using BeastCut and Fire magic. Hale is also very useful at this point, but if you have a monster that can heal and repel magic, bring 'em along. The BigEye isn't that hard to take down. After you recruit him, Watabou comes to visit.

Wait, what? You didn't recruit him? Not to worry. Boss Monsters are much like regular monsters, but not all of them will want to join you, regardless of using meat treats. Some will join through sheer power, and others won't. The meat doesn't matter. It just makes things easier.

Now please excuse me as I suffer my second legitimate defeat and try again. Sigh... Maybe I should start breeding monsters.

Chapter 5, Part 5: The Willing Well - Gigantes' RealmEdit

"You came back. I wonder if you have true courage."

Yep. Breeding helped. A lot.

"There are cliffs that we can jump off if we're brave!"

Oh. Now I get your obsession with cliffs!

"Good job finding the invisible floor! Let's go back!"
"Oh Terry! You beat BigEye! What? BigEye refused to be your pal? Oh well, these things happen. I forgot to tell you, but boss monsters don't need treats. They become your pal when they want to. If they don't want to, they don't. So you don't need to waste treats on them and you can save your gold!!"
"Oh... King..."
"It reminds me. Have you been going to the Shrine of Starry Night to breed your monsters? Master breeding and you will master battle. Better breeding makes stronger monsters. You are dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

I hope you have a monster that can use Electric magic in your party. We're gonna need it now!

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
BoneSlave Zombie 1-3
Almiraj Beast 1-5
FloraMan Plant ALL
GiantSlug Bug 1-5
TreeSlime Slime 4-5
GiantWorm Bug 6-8
BullBird Bird 6-11
MudDoll Material 6-11
SaberMan Material 9-11
Metaly Slime 9-11
Now, you may notice something. I have Coheed and Cambria on the mind, yes, but that isn't important at the
moment. There is something far more important than Coheed and Cambria, and that is the METALY. This monster is notorious throughout the games, being a nuisance on the level of Zubats and Roaming Legendary Pokemon. These slimes are quick to flee, impossible to obtain unless you're extremely lucky, and offer incredible amounts of EXP if you manage to slay them. How incredible?

One thousand, one hundred twenty two experience points. The only way to damage them is through physical attacks such as MetalCut. Have fun grinding.

Other notable monsters are the TreeSlime, GiantSlug, and MudDoll. I've covered two of these before, but the GiantSlug is a new one. Whistle is useless in battle, but can summon monsters without the need of walking around. They are also capable of using LushLicks.

Let's ignore our fear and stare into the eyes of madness. It's time to begin the descent. In this realm, you might also notice treasure chests. Open them at your own risk.

The Gigantes' room is another gimmick. Instead of simply walking up to him, a certain path is needed to be made. Careless footing results in a hole in the ground and a complete reset.

Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Down, Right, Right.

After the second left, Warubou shows up and gives us a glimpse at the path in reverse.

"Wow! Yummy meat! Yum!"

The Gigantes is much like Pash, but even worse. He can talk! EvilSlash is guaranteed critical if it hits. Add ZombieCut and ChargeUp and you're in for a world of pain. Unfortunately, he does not join us. Which is actually a relief, because he might eat Terry.

"Wow! I'll do anything for the meat!"
"It seems you had a hard time in the hole. Let's go back!"

Chapter 5, Part 6: The Room - KLT's RealmEdit

"Oh Terry! You beat Gigantes! But I heard Gigantes is all power... and no brain!"
"Oh... King..."
"It reminds me. Have you been going to the Shrine of Starry Night to breed your monsters? Master breeding and you will master battle. Better breeding makes stronger monsters. You are dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"
Now, if you've been lucky enough, you should have 13 of those myserious medals sitting in Terry's inventory or bank. It's time to redeem those.
"I'm collecting medals that are scattered all over the world. Oh, you have medals. Let me take them for you. Terry, you brought a total of 14 medals. I will give you a reward because the medals exceeded 13! It's an egg of a ZapBird! I'll send it to the farm!"

Okay, I know it's been a while but I've been busy with work. I kinda sorta fudged the numbers a bit. Y'see, I found this thing called GameShark and-

"Terry, you brought a total of 20 medals. I will give you a reward because the medals exceeded 13! It's an egg of a Trumpeter! I'll send it to the farm!"

Okay, okay! The code's off! Now let's talk to the Metaly. Phew!

"Thanks Terry! For bringing the medals! I'll open the Travelers' Gate in return! The man hid it somewhere... Where is it? I'll find it. Come back later!"

Maybe I should activate the code and spoil the rewards now... Actually I know what they are, so I might as well share 'em.

"Terry, you brought a total of 25 medals. I will give you a reward because the medals exceeded 25! It's an egg of a Spikerous! I'll send it to the farm!
Terry, you brought a total of 30 medals. I will give you a reward because the medals exceeded 30! It's an egg of a Metabble! I'll send it to the farm!"

A bird, a beast, a dragon and... a slime. To be honest, the Metabble is one of the best defensive monsters in the Slime Family, sitting snug alongside the Metaly, MetalKing and the uberpowerful GoldSlime. To get one of these gemstones, you need two Metal Kings. To get two MetalKings, you need four Metabble. To get four Metabble, you need eight Metaly.

There might be an easier way of getting a GoldSlime, but due to the recent hiccup I had with my breeding chart, I'm not at all sure. If you really want a GoldSlime, get the Metabble egg! That cuts all required monsters in half!

If you wanna be hardcore, the recipe for a Metaly calls for Any Slime and a MetalDrak.

Anyway, leave, re-enter, and... VOILA! Let's check that Gate in the corner! Oh, but first, I'm gonna go ahead and nab those other eggs. For you, it'll only take the next two sentences. For me, about ten minutes...

"Oh no! Hmmm. I have no more rewards to give! Sorry, but will you work for free from now on?"


"Thank you Terry! You're so kind! Ohh! TinyMedals! Ah, you brought 1 medal(s)! You are actually not a bad person after all. Sorry, I don't have any more rewards. Instead, I'll give you some advice.
The monster called DracoLord likes the divine dragons."

I... What? Okay... Let's get going!

"I found it! A big trial's waiting for ya behind the gate."
Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
NiteWhip Zombie 1-5
BoxSlime Slime ALL
Gismo Material 1-8
Orc Beast ALL
RogueNite Material 9-18
Reaper Zombie 9-18
Yeah, I'm actually using a guide for this Gate, so if the table looks a little weird, I apologize. However, there is at least 19 floors.

Let's check out our monsters.

NiteWhips. They have multi-target skills such as Lightning and WindBeast. These are good skills to gave, so I recommend throwing them onto a monster that hits hard and fast. BoxSlimes, despite looking funny, have Upper and Blazemore. OUCH. Remember those Demonites? Yeah... The threat is real.

Gismo. I have a friend named Gizmo, and he's cool, and Gismos are cool. They can make ZapBirds and CloudKings and LampGenies, but this isn't the second installment to the game. Anyway, they can use SuckAir to increase Fire and IceAir damage. I highly recommend bringing something with SuckAll as a skill.

Orcs and RogueNites. They can both Heal, but the Orc has Vivify and LureDance to make battles harder. I don't think they can use that skill just yet... RogueNites have EvilSlash. Remember Pash? YEP. So much pain...

Reapers have Curse, which the FaceTree has. It prevents MP regeneration. Stock on up on anti-curse items or get yourself a CoilBird.

There are new items, too! WorldLeaf, WorldDew and Sirloin. However, there are also new rooms, such as the Coliseum. In order to pass through, you have to go fight a series of battles. You can win items, but they require repeat perfomances. You can also recruit monsters here! My first battle was up against two Gulpples and an Eyeball. That little blue imp took a shining to me...

Now let's Blaze(more) on through to the boss!... rooms?

Pick a door! Any door! Behind these sit a monsters of varying strength!

The door on the left contains a Lipsy, and the door on the right houses a Toadstool. The Lipsy is an awkward monster, because it's skillset changes drastically in the next game. However, it's nothing to be worried about. Ignore the left and right doors and head through the middle.

"Now, sleep tight on my arms...!"

This contains the KingSlime, who has no arms whatsoever! With high HP and HealMore, the fight is worth the experience. You also have the ability to recruit the KingSlime, which is a necessity for some powerful monsters! If you don't think you can handle him, train and train some more. Make some hard hitters in both physical attacks and healing spells, because it only gets worse from here on out.

I know this for a fact because my team was cursed and the KingSlime defeated me.

See you next chapter! I think I'll train some of those newborns...

End of Chapter 5, Part 6.


Chapter 6: Growing PainsEdit

Evolution. The gift of life is found inside all of us and is constantly struggling to break free. We are a part of nature and we have been given this amazing ability that others don't seem to understand. They stick to the books of Law and Religion, but the evidence is so alive and so mesmerizing that it must be true. Look how far the world has come! We've been inhabiting this planet for millions of years! We've adapted so much and are still doing so to this day! We are one with the heartbeat of this planet; we humans and monsters alike.

Chapter 6, Part 1: The World is Your OysterEdit

"Oh, you were great. Giggle..."
"Had a good time!? We got to get going!"

Before I give the King's speech, I just wanna say this...

Five thousand, five hundred and something experience points for beating the KingSlime. I love my Zapbird and Spikerous.

"Well done, Terry! You beat another monster! It's amazing how a young master like you can even win."
"Oh... King..."
"Train hard! You're dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy! Busy!"

Does anyone else wanna punch him? No? Just me? Okay...


It's that time again!

All of these monsters are ones we've seen, so I'll just label 'em off one by one.

In the first match we have a Saccer, FloraJay, and MadPlant. Round two pits us against two MedusaEye and a MadGopher. Finally, in Round Three, we... I won't spoil it.

The first battle is all about defending against status problems such as Poison and Paralysis. The second is keeping up your accuracy; the MedusaEye casts Surround. The final match is all about speed.

"I wondered who it would be. It's you! It seems the breeding with my monster worked out for you! Show me what you're made of!"

Our champion this round is none other than Mick himself. With two MadCats and a RogueNite, Mick is all about striking fast and hard. Keep your defenses up with Hale and Increase and you should have no problems. But, if you have that ZapBird and Spikerous like I do, Lightning and RockThrow hurt pretty good.

That's the first page of Arena Matches complete! Now let's check out our reward!

"Oh! Monster Master Terry. Congratulations for surviving D class. The King needs you. Please come this way."

I don't know if it's a rom error, but the bolded letters were messed up. Anyway, whenever I give a quote, you know important things are happening.

"Oh Terry! Good work on surviving D class! I permit you to compete in C class and above!
... I take it back. In fact, Terry...
The Travelers' Gates in the Room of Strength & Anger seem strange. An enormous number of monsters are appearing out of nowhere! As the King, I cannot ignore this problem. Go to the Room of Strength & Anger immediately. Resolve the problem! I'll leave it to you, Terry!
You're excused. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

Speak to the Jester to the left of the throne.

"There's a reason why wild monsters don't live on this side. Long, long ago... An ancestor of Watabou locked the monsters... behind the Travelers' Gates to protect humans from them. Our ancestors decreed that a Tournament be held every Starry Night! I don't know if it's true. But that is why we hold the tournament."

Let's find Mick and rub our victory in his face. He'll offer to breed his Deadnite. If you have a DeadNite already, combine the two to create a DeadNoble. Pretty good monster, really. It can KO, Heal, and summon a friend to fight alongside you and your comrades.

Back in the Gate Room, the center doors of the second room open up, and inside we find the guards spinning out of control. There are monsters among us. The right Gate is available, and so we dive inside.

"Monsters are flooding out from the Gate of Anger! We have to do something or our world will be in trouble! Terry! Help us!"

End of Chapter 6, Part 1.

Chapter 6, Part 2: Anger - Wrex's RealmEdit

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
GiantWorm Bug 1-3
GiantSlug Bug 1-5
Poisongon Dragon 1-8
CatFly Beast ALL
Eyeder Bug 4-10
Putrepup Zombie 6-8
DrakSlime Slime 9-10

If these are the monsters that are breaking through, then there's quite a bit of trouble in store for us. Poisongon loves to inflict Poison, so bring a few Antidotes along, unless you have a souped up Monster with the Antidote Spell. If you've been paying frequent visits to the Shrine, you may have a monster with the Surge ability. This is very useful. DrakSlimes are similar to the Gismo; using FireAir after boosting it with deep breaths. Putrepups and CatFlys can cast Slow, but the dog can also use Sap and the cat, OddDance.

Hack and slash your way through to the boss. We have to stop this madness!

But wait... Is this... Is anyone getting Deja Vu or is it just me? Aside from the eggs, doesn't the boss look familiar?

"It's my wish that... my family in this world prospers. Who are you? Leave before you feel my wrath!"

First off, destroy the eggs. It's required to defeat at least one Dragonkid, or the boss won't pay attention to us. You can defeat all of them, but it's a little time consuming. I'm gonna go straight for the boss.

"That my family in this world prospers... That's my wish. You! What are you doing with my eggs! Get out before you feel my wrath!"

Hey... It's that swordsman from before. From BigEye's Realm... What's he doing here? Why is he talking to the Dragon?

"Shoot! Not here either!"

With a quick stomp, all of the remaining eggs are destroyed. Such power...

"Who are you? You're a monster master aren't you! Ha! Coward! You can't even use your own sword!"

We don't have a sword? But that Dragon does... Let's show that pretty boy what we can do, eh?

"Arrrgh! How dare you crack all my eggs! There's no excuse for what your kind has done!"

I'm sorry, but your children are invading our new home! Say hello to the BattleRex! She is quite the powerhouse, using BlazeAir, MetalCut, and EvilSlash. We managed to defeat the KingSlime, so this is a walk in the park!

What's this? She wants to join us! Let's get re-acquainted with Wrex!

"That sword man looked like you..."


End of Chapter 6, Part 2.

"Those eggs were the reason there were so many monsters! You've completed the king's quest! Come on! Let's go back to the castle!"

Chapter 6, Part 3: A Change of SeasonsEdit

"Oh Terry!! Welcome back! I've heard you completed your mission. Good job!
!!.... Hmmm!"

A guest appears.

"Oh... This kingdom is full of energy. Everbody is excited because Starry Night is drawing near... It's enviable... My kingdom is withered. But there is a beauty realized only after the kingdom withers. When I take a second look, this kingsom seems very merry. Nobody has their feet on the ground...
You look especially merry. Are you a street performer? I'm the King of DeadTree. Go cheer everybody up!
... King of GreatTree, have you found a master? Or, maybe you won't have one this time? Ha ha ha.."

The King is enraged.

"DeadTree! You will see! ...Terry, don't mind the interruption... Nonetheless, welcome back! I heard you got rid of an enormous amount of eggs. That's my Terry. You're the best!"

Stop, you're making me blush.

"Go on, Terry! Try fighting in C class and beyond. When you survive S class you'll be the rep of my kingdom! I am counting on you, Terry! I have something to take care of. You're dismissed!
Busy! Busy! Busy!..."

We see a close up of the Kingdom as soon as the king leaves. There is a quake happening! The tree is growing!

"This shaking is evidence of the growth of GreatTree. You will notice changes to GreatTree's landscape."

[Many Months Later...]

OKAY. For some reason I wound up in the Shrine of the Starry Night. Actually, what better way to see what's new from the base of all things? The Shrine itself hasn't really changed, so let's head up the stairs. If you're not where I am, don't worry; I'm covering everything available to us, so if you see the location you're at, start from there.

I don't know if I covered this, but a new Goopi has shown up just to the East of the Shrine staircase. You're more than welcome to play a few rounds against him, but I'll tackle him in a bit. There are more important things to discover.

On the next floor is the prime location for this exploration; the Bazaar. If you're checked out my GreatTree page, you'll notice there are shops that weren't exactly available around the first few Gates. Take a look around! There's more stuff to buy!

Well, sort of. At the far end of the top three screens, we have a new shop. Looks pretty fancy, eh? This shop carries some pretty advanced items in the form of WorldDew, SageStone, and WorldLeaf. WorldDew is the best non-Monster method of HP recovery for a single monster, and SageStone makes it easier to recover HP for all party members, but will break if used multiple times. WorldLeaf is pretty easy to decipher; it's basically a revive. The other items you've probably already picked up and learned about in battle, so I don't see any point in covering them.

There's something new on the Arena level, so let's check that out before we skip ahead to the Monster Farm.

If you head on over to the Arena and meet with May in the Tavern, she'll offer up her Rayburn! May is the woman with the lion-like get-up.

This particular Rayburn comes with Blaze, Firebal, and Bang. There's nothing really special about these skills, as you probably have a monster boasting these three in their set-up. Her Rayburn happens to like birds, so let's check the list and see what comes of it.

Even though the list I'm looking at sucks, the monster that comes from the union of the Rayburn and any Bird is one of my favorites; WhipBird. Boasting Ironize, TatsuCall, and ThickFog, WhipBird is more of a stall user than anything. However, it's HP, Intelligence and Agility are at the top of the list, so if you need a fast Magic User that has some bulk, offer up a bird and get yourself a powerful new ally.

I'm gonna go head and do this before moving to the next Tamer. Goodbye Gale, my beloved Blizzardy... May you be reincarnated in the next games.

Oh and Ironize is a terrible ability. It prevents your party from doing anything. Only Terry can use items and staves to heal or attack. It is pretty decent for throwing Ribs and Sirloin at monsters, so keep that in mind.

Our next stop is the Queen's Chamber. Instead of everyone's favorite airbag, we have The Medal Man!

He's going to offer a slime. Can you guess what it is? It's NOT Metaly, but a FangSlime instead! His FangSlime contains BladeD, SuckAir, and BiAttack. If you have a Swordgon, you should know what BladeD does. SuckAir is what SuckAir does, and BiAttack hits twice. This latter ability is amazing for powerful physical attackers, and is one of my favorite skills to abuse during boss battles. However, I don't have anyone with which to use BiAttack with, and the monster I love abusing it with is one I don't have yet.

There's a catch though, if you want to breed with his FangSlime. You must believe the Medal Man isn't the King! I don't believe him, but I'll say I will anyway.

Right off the bat, the Dracky is gone from the Farm! Instead is some kind of Elephant monster. This is a Trumpeter. Nothing special, unless you're using one. But that's not why we're here. Head over to the right and...

OH MY GOD, there's a Skeleton and a Bird. Again, nothing special. If we head up, though...

It's a love story, baby, just say yes!

Okay, that song plays at my store sometimes... Anyway, we have a new portal! But the MadKnight and Lipsy are re-united! And it feels so good!

We'll check the portal later. Remember the SkyDragon that I praised so much? Well, a Bird decided to take it's place, and there's an odd statue of made of stone in the same area.

"Where do monsters come from? Sometimes I think about this and can't sleep."

Wow, wiki, I can't even add indents. I'll come back and figure that out later! For now, let's really think about what the statue said. He does have an interesting question... Let's press on.

South of the Bird and Statue is the Stables. But instead of that ArmyAnt, there's a DarkHorn. DarkHorn is an interesting monster. Head on inside and Watabou is eating that delicious, succulent, juicy meat that apparently crunches. Maybe it's bacon!? I don't know, but we need to not distract ourselves.

Face simply asks if we witnessed any changes on the farm, and touches upon Taylor Swift being rescued... by her... knight in shining armor. Well, if you read the news... No, no. Let's move on to the Metaly Room.

"There's a strange stone statue behind the Gate of Strength!"

Well isn't that funny, we just saw a Statue on the farm, and our next destination is the Gate of Strength. Let's move! If I missed anything, I'll edit it in later.

End of Chapter 6, Part 3.

Chapter 6, Part 4: Strength - StoneMan's Realm Edit

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
MudDoll Material 1-5
TreeSlime Slime 1-3, 6-10
SkulRider Devil 1-8
FairyDrak Dragon 1-5, 9-10
WingTree Plant 4-10
DrakSlime Slime 6-10
Solved the table problem! There was some dialogue I wanted to add, but there weren't that many people of importance aside from the Medal Man and certain NPCs I can re-visit. Breeding May's Rayburn caused me to save, so I'm going to end up looking at videos for the missing dialogue. But like I said, I don't think there's anything important before the Medal Man.

Anyway, as for the monsters, the only new ones are the SkulRider and WingTree. SkulRider is an excellent monster to abuse BiAttack with, especially with LegSweep, which it comes with right off the bat. It also boasts FireSlash and the obscene RainSlash. Imagine every rain drop as a little tiny blade. That's what RainSlash is; it hits everything in its path. Adding this move to a monster with high Physical Attack is recommended.

There are two monsters I'm considering for the sequel, but I'll save that for when the time comes.

Now for WingTree. WingTree is interesting to look at. It kinda reminds me of Cthulhu a bit. It can use StepGuard to prevent damage from terrain such as poison marsh and the like, but it also has ZombieCut and Farewell. Farewell is a double-edged sword; the user sacrifices itself to revive his or her fallen comrades. I've actually seen the move being used and it is annoying, especially when you don't have any method of recovery.

The room we arrive in is sort of ominous. There's a pot, a chest and a statue. Looks kinda familiar right? Yep, that's our boss.


Reminds me of Pash.

Anyway, let's do the obvious and check out the pot and chest.

Except we can't, because the boss moves as soon as you're cornered and starts to move around. Let's talk to him after learning there's nothing in the containers.

Terry looked into a jar. There was a darkness that seemed to draw you in.
Terry checked out a treasure chest! Wow! The treasure chest was actually a Mimic!! But the Mimic isn't doing anything but laughing.

But Ma, I wanted to stare into the Abyss while being laughed at by a wooden box! Anyway, let's check what the StoneMan has to say to us.

"So, yoooou saaaw my face... !!"

Well, you are a StoneMan... And the funny thing is, he's actually the weaker of the two Gate bosses in this round. He can't do much, but he is immune to Fire and Ice as most Material Monsters are, but with the advantage of using SuckAll. His only threat is his physical attack, so having Hale or an advanced healing monster alongside some hard hitters with NapAttack is the way to go.

Six turns was all it took for the Statue to crumble.

"Yoooou win... !!"

He doesn't join us, sadly.

"Good work! So, let's gooooo baaack!"

Really, Watabou? You don't make fun of something like that.

End of Chapter 6, Part 4.

Chapter 6, Part 5: Fake Out! - Mime's RealmEdit

"Oh Terry! You beat StoneMan! I heard StoneMan snuck up behind you! He's a sneaky one!"
"Oh... King..."
"Hmm. It's an exaggeration. I am busy. You're dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

Ugh, I forget if I talked to anybody new. Sorry about the wait, but I'm back! You can thank Saigan's Memorial Day stream! That guy is just a pool of inspiration.

Anyway, talk to the Castle Guard to see what's new. The village itself has changed, as well as the Bazaar. We'll hit up the Bazaar in a bit- we want to go to the Monster Farm first. Remember that portal near the Taylor Swift obsessing lovebirds? We're goin' in!

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
FairyDrak Dragon 1-5
Butterfly Bug 1-3
MadRaven Bird 1-8
SkullRoo Beast ALL
Mudron Zombie 4-5, 9-11
DrakSlime Slime 6-11
Facer Material 6-11
Familiar faces, different places. We've got a new monster here called the Mudron and, I will admit, I kinda like this monster. The design is creepy, the family isn't bad, but the one reason I really like it is for the skills. Heal and Vivify ensures crisp and fresh monster revival, provided you aren't attacked after being revived. If that's the case, they can cast Beat. Beat is essentially your OHKO skill that has a slim chance of working. I recommend picking up one or breeding for it. Breed any Zombie with a GiantSlug to get this weeping muddy doll.

More new faces are the Butterfly, MadRaven, SkullRoo proper, and the Facer. Butterflies are pretty much status-bearers. Surround and Curse are annoying, especially when they CallHelp to pile on the damage. MadRavens are birds, that can fly high and avoid damage for a turn and strike with DrakSlash. I'm at a disadvantage because of my Spikerous. SkullRoos can dance the Panic and hit with DrakSlash. I recommend getting one of these, too.

Lastly, we have Facers. Floating masks of doom. Sacrifice can kill themselves and deal damage to the party. As for skills ir probably can't use, they are LifeSong and Infernos. Grab one if you can and want to.

Now, to the Quasar! I mean Boss Room!

Funny thing happened... I found a Monster Master here and he had the boss of this Gate in his party. Who is it? It's Betty!

Seriously, it's Betty. Remember that one room you couldn't enter at all? With the red-helmet man blocking the way? This is that room. We can talk to Betty and see what's going on, but...

"Get out! I'm not gonna give my Betty to anybody! Oh my Betty!"

Um, sir. We can't leave. We're here for a reason, and that reason is that your wife is a monster.

"Who? Who are you? How did you get here? ... you must've crept in here because I am so beautiful!"

Say no!

"Then did you sneak in to steal something?"

Say no!!

"You snuck in here because I'm so beautiful, right?"

Say no!!!

"Then you must be a master who's come to capture me?"

Well, when you put it that way, I just don't know how to answer you. Enter the looping CopyCat!

 "You sure don't know how to behave in front of ladies. I'll teach you some respect!!

CopyCats are probably the wildest of wildcard monsters. They have the ability to transform themself into a random monster in your party. If you have been breeding, beware. They can use the skills your monster has. Bring some monsters with low defense if you're having trouble, but make sure you don't use up any valuable WorldLeaves on the trip here. The CopyCat should go down.

She turned into my Zapbird. Ouch. Seems she was so impressed by our skills, that she wants to join us as Mime! I should call her Betty.

"You don't seem to be a bad guy after all. I'm beginning to like you."
"Doing well huh? Let's go home."

Even Watabou is confused. I don't blame ya, buddy. I don't blame ya...

"Oh Terry! You beat CopyCat! CopyCat loves to imitate everything. But nobody can imitate my regal character."
"Oh... King..."
"Hmm. It's an exaggeration. I am busy. You're dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!"

End of Chapter 6, Part 5.

Chapter 6, Part 6: Lady of the Lake - Ebi's RealmEdit

Now that we're back in town, let's head over to the arena and see what changed. Remember where that Goopi was? Head to the top center area and talk to the Sages.

"I had a strange dream. This statue started to move! Even with Watabou's power, the statue can't be moved!"

You can't really examine the statue, and leaving doesn't do anything. Talk to the Goopi. Maybe he can help us out.

"I wonder how my brothers are doing. They're down at the village."

Mosey on down to the last level of the tree and head south of the Evaluator. There's another Goopi challenge for us!

"Let's play rock-paper-scissors!"

Bomb, Crab, Babble, Babble, Bomb. That's the order to go with.

"You... You are one tough kid!! Okay, I'm gonna give you a prize! Go to one of my brothers! Something good will be waiting for ya!!"

Stomp, stomp, stomp, rush, rush, bash and break into the Arena.

"Oh! It's a miracle! The Statue is moving!"

Well, Sage, you were one off. Your statue stayed still, but the one above Mr. BeastTail has moved! Let's dive right in!

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
WingSlime Slime 1-5
MadCandle Material ALL
MedusaEye Demon 1-8
MadGopher Beast ALL
Slabbit Slime 6-12
Windbeast Beast 9-15
Gasgon Dragon 13-15
Windbeast is a neat little monster. They're little monkeys in tornados, but they can be a pain in the behind. Vacuslash and Infernos are two unusual spells. They deal Wind damage, apart from your standard Fire, Ice, and Electric spells. They also carry Icebolt, which just adds onto to the multi-target damage it can deal with Infernos.

MadGophers are one of my favorites. They're moles with Shovels. Ironic, right? They can hit birds and zombies for critical damage. Pick one up! The next few bosses are weak to to these attacks.

Now for the Slimes. WingSlimes are just aerial slimes, and Slabbits have feet. WingSlimes carry SquallHit and Tailwind. TailWind boosts Agility, so that's a handy skill. Slabbits will trip you and then laugh as they stomp all around. Annoying, but their skills are pretty dandy.

MedusaEye is a status creep. Surround and Sap. Ouch. BUT, if you get one of these and pair with an Andreal, you will have a very special serpent called Orochi. Grab one! Do it! THOU MUST. Speaking of Dragons, Gasgon are funny to look at. Cycloptic salamanders full of air. What's that? A kamikaze strike! I didn't mean it! I swear!

Finally, we have MadCandle. With PsycheUp, you're in trouble. With all this new info in mind, do what you can before descending to the final room.

Hey, it's Wat- Oh, no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. It's Warubou. And he's taking a swim with one of our pals!

There is a voice coming from out of nowhere...
"Hello... the traveler over there... I'm the spirit of this spring. Your companion fell in the spring? Would you like me to help your companion?"

Say yes.

"Now, wait there. Was it this meat that fell in the spring?"

Meat? No.

"I see. Now, wait a minute for me. Now, is this the old guy that fell in the spring?"

No, but we should lend a hand and help him out!... But we can't. Say no.

"I see. Now wait a minute for me. Now, is it this Spikerous, the monster that fell in the spring?"


"You're honest. I'll give you back the monster that fell in the spring. And because you were honest... I'll give you a Digster. If you can defeat it!"

Digster is a very powerful bug. With StrongD to boost defense, and SuckAll to remove any breath attacks and fire 'em back at you. Keep up your defense, try and remove his buffs if you can, and the bug will be squashed. One other thing about this Digster, is that the gender can change. If you want a certain gender, bookmark before the boss room and keep at it.

Now, I'm at a bad place. My farm is full of boss monsters we collected, aside from two. Slib and the SkyDragon have remained. If you kept those, along with the rest of our bosses, Ebi will be the one to fill the last slot. And I apologize for spoiling this, but there is one final monster willing to join us.

"You did well. Please go back to your home world..."

No Watabou to escort us, eh? Hmm.

"Well done, Terry! You defeated Digster! What! You heard a voice? Are you okay? Did you bump your head?"
"Oh... King..."
'Well Terry. Are you talking to the people of my Kingdom? I heard there is a man called the Medal Man in the village. He likes TinyMedals. Why don't you bring them to him. I am busy. You're dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!..."

End of Chapter 6, Part 6.


Chapter 7: Sky Dancers and Star GazersEdit

We have seen Life and we have witnessed Death. We have made friends and we have made enemies. As our World grows, so does the one inside us all. Our bodies are universes, etched with galaxies and planets that serve to keep us alive- just like we do for this world. We are the caretakers of many a realm. But there is one question that must be kept in check more than anything: "If the world inside us dies, does the one we live in die with us?"

Chapter 7, Part 1: Sage AdviceEdit

Let's begin this segment with an Arena Match.


Our first match has a new enemy for us; the StubBird. With one eye and a mad beak aimed at us, Stubby will boost attack and get peckin'. The two Spikboys at the side will probably use HighJump a lot, so take 'em out quickly while trying to debuff Stubbs.

The second match has no new enemies, but Healers and a Roguenite are painful when paired together.

Our final match is against... drumroll, please... Teto!

"Hello Terry! I was expecting you. Before I get nervous, let us begin!"

New enemy! RockSlime! Kind of ironic, isn't it? The softest of all monsters is covered in rocks in addition to having metallic skin sometimes. The only thing worth worrying about is StrongD. Take out the RockSlime first, but watch out for BoxSlime Ramming.

With that match out of the way, we get two new gates unlocked! But before checking them out, let's visit Teto again. He has a new breeding pal for us and I'm actually going to use this one.

Up until this point, I have collected every recruitable boss with the exceptions of Slib the Slime, Rona the ZapBird and Shug the Spikerous. There is one more boss monster for us to recruit and I'm going to obtain it. Teto's new monster for us is an Eyeder. It comes with Heal and Sidestep which, after reaching certain stat levels, becomes Hustle. Hustle is sort of like a HealUs, but is a Dance-variety move. The only skill preventing the use of Hustle is Danceshut.

With this in mind, you may want to breed your healer away if it doesn't have Hustle already. As for me, I may just do that. Hale already has HealAll, Increase, and HealUs, so adding him to the Eyeder recipe seems like nothing but good news for all. The King might be disappointed but he may have seen this coming.

My only lament is not having enough MP to max out the Healing skills. HealMore and HealUsAll will be really beneficial for upcoming battles. Plan your team and breedings carefully if you want to have an edge.

All that awaits us now are the next two gates.

End of Chapter 7, Part 1

Chapter 7, Part 2: Joy - Func's Realm Edit

A couple minutes later and I find Hale has turned into a Snaily twice and is now a Voodoll.

My recipe included Hale and Teto's Eyeder for the first Snaily, then Slib for the second and Golm for the Voodoll. Voodoll isn't something we'll see for a while, but the skills it carries are very useful: Surround to blind, Panidance to add more chaos, and Sap to lower defense. Combine this monster's abilities with that of Hale's healing and you may find you want to keep this monster. With resistance to Fire and Ice magic, and naturally high defense, Voodoll as a Healer isn't a bad idea. Sure, it's not the best, but it's close to being there.

I'm trying to get Hustle, but with a requirement of 280+ MP, it may be a while. Speaking of dancing, let's hit up the Gate of Joy.

Monsters Found Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Snaily Slime 1-5
Saccer Beast 1-12
Gulpple Plant 1-8
MadPecker Bird 1-8, 13
Eyeball Demon 6-13
Babble Slime 9-12
Mummy Zombie 9-13

I've never seen such weird monster appearances.

This is our first time encountering raw Snailies and Saccers, so let's introduce 'em. Snaily comes with Icebolt and CallHelp. if you have a Material monster, there's nothing to worry about. Saccers are something to worry about. PalsyAir. They can paralyze you. PalsyAir is great for a Healer type because it allows them to disable enemies and heal until that status wears off or if the monster gets lucky and strikes. However, if a Gulpple shows up, they can use SleepAir to immobilze as well. Again, this a great skill for a Healer type. Grab these two if you can and leave the Snails to something else.

MadPeckers can use Infernos, VacuSlash, and Sap. Nothing special really. Mummies are also allowed to Paralyze, but can get some damage in through physical attack. Babbles can Poison. Poison, Sleep, and Paralysis. Add Healer skills to these various ailments and you have quite the Cleric. Would they even still be a Cleric? I'm not sure. Seems more like an Alchemist.

Eyeballs are special. They are mobile ocular entities. In Joker and Joker 2, you can get a Diemon if you breed 4 of 'em. Sadly, we can't do that. However, you may want to pick one up. MagicBack, Ironize, and WarCry. MagicBack reflects magic, Ironize is basically everyone's worst stall nightmare, and WarCry is just so nice to have. Think of a temporary Palsy or SleepAir. It prevents an enemy from attacking on the same turn you do.

Our boss here is unique. It's a monster called a Funkybird and we've apparently interrupted the show. Talk to the bird and maybe we can apologize and get into the crowd and wait until the show's over to do the deed.

"Look at my cool steps!"

Yeah, they're nice and all but we're really sor-

"Why don't you dance with me?"

Ok. That didn't go as planned. Funkybird is a Dancer-type monster. It is capable fo using PaniDance to confuse your parrty, Hustle heal up any damage while bemused in the chaos, and LifeDance to revive any fallen allies if brought to our side or if found with a wandering tamer, priest, etc. I don't know if I got any attacks on the bird, but he went down. I did get confused and I was scared, but I broke through without the new Hale dying to him. The only bad part of this realm were the first few floors, coated with deadly ice.

"You're a great dancer!"

And you're apparently a guy! I could've sworn my first encounter with Func rendered the Bird as female... Ah well, I accept all and any types of monsters! Except true Bosses. Those are special.

"Did you enjoy dancing? Well, let's go back!"

I enjoyed the dance more thank Link did . Hehehe.

Chapter 7, Part 2: Wisdom - SkyDragon's RealmEdit

"Well done, Terry! You defeated Funkybird! I will call you Funky Terry from now on!"
"Oh... King..."
"Well Terry. Are you talking to the people of my kingdom? I heard there is a man called the Medal Man in the village. He likes TinyMedals. Why don't you bring them to him. I am busy. You're dismissed! Busy! Busy! Busy!..."

We got the funk! We've got that... underwater funk? Eh.

On to the next gate!

Monsters Found: Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Facer Material 1-5
Tonguella Beast ALL
Florajay Bird ALL
Pteranod Dragon ALL
Armorpede Bug 6-14


I think, for the very first time, we have a table that has no recurring monster family on any floor. However, we do have a very special bug that is found on many a floor.

The Armorpede actually holds a special place in my heart because it is used to create one of my top favorite monsters- holding the #2 position, I might add. Armorpede has a dangerous ability called TwinHits. This is the pre-incarnation of the Oomph spell. Pair this with Upper, and you have a physical beast. GET THIS MONSTER.

You might also notice that Tonguella is here. Tonguella is basically the Sleep version of a Poisongon: NapAttack is a physical strike that may put you to sleep, and SleepAir hits all party members to further annoy you. LushLicks is capable of putting one opponent into a temporary stop; preventing an attack.

Florajay is the one to look out for in groups of two or three. LifeSong can revive party members, Speed can boost 'em up, and BeastCut will hit Beast monster for terrifying damage. Pteranods are similar, but focus more on damage ouput. TailWind will null any breath attacks, and Firebolt plus Windbeast serve as the remaining attacks.

Mash, cut, swat, and stomp your way throught to the boss roo- Wait a second...

Where's the floor? What's with these ropes? This ain't no car- Is that Skye? Skye! What are you doing as the boss? Yep, SkyDragon is our boss and she is annoying to get to. Sort of.

Hit the far-right rope until the Dragon moves and then climb down and head up the rope she's located at.

"Squeak squeak! Strike!"

Do not take this Dragon as a cake walk. Scorching will do lots of damage if you don't have any monsters resistant to Fire attacks. Even then, it can use SuckAir to boost that Scorching and the deadliest skill we've seen thus far: MultiCut.

MultiCut will strike random enemies multiple times. However, SuckAir + Scorching is deadly, but as a combo.

"Good lord, You're good!"
"Good work reading SkyDragon's move. Pretty smart aren't you. Now, let's go back to the castle!"

Chapter 7, Part 3: Ain't No Rest For The Wicked!Edit

"Well done, Terry! You defeated SkyDragon! I heard that only a clever master encounters that monster. That's my Terry. You're as smart as they come!"
"Oh... King..."
"Well Terry. Are you talking to the people of my kingdom? I heard there is a man called the Medal Man in the village. He likes TinyMedals. Why don't you bring them to him. I am busy. You're dismissed! Busy! Busy! Busy!..."

The time has come once again to answer Life's most brutal question? Whose monster is the stronger? This is...


And now GreatTree, with an open heart and a wrapped-up fist, I say unto you in the words of my Uncle... ALLEZ BATAILLE!

Our first match has Hammermen. They hit hard. Really hard. ChargeUp and let them strike, and you will die if you have not bred or trained your monsters properly.

The second battle has severe Elemental AoE going on. Treeboy can use Icebolt; Windmerge can cast Infermost, and my beloved Agdevil (holding #3 position on my favorites) has Firebolt. In addition to these, they most likely have status AoE. Beware.

Our third match pits us against... that tired guy from the restaurant. Just for giggles...

"Oooo! Ahhhh! Where am I? What? The arena? Where is my bed? Oh well, I need a change of pace."

... Yeah. Two ArmyCrabs and a MadDragon. Hale is almost dead. The crabs will up the Defense while MadDragon plays barabarian with EvilSlash and Massacre. Ow. That's all I have to say. Ow.

I somehow managed to win without a casuality. That was a scary trio of battles.

But at least we opened two new gates... Hmm. Short chapter.

Let's explore!

There's really nothing else worth noting down, aside from the new Bazaar items. In addition to Sirloin, the best recruiting item in this game, there's staves for sale, as well as the ShinyHarp.

The ShinyHarp attracts monsters, which makes it, along with a few bottles of WorldDew, great for grinding on MetalSlimes and the like.

And... that's it. Still a short chapter. Ah well.

Chapter 7, Part 4: Happiness - Jamirus' RealmEdit

Monsters Found: Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Oniono Plant 1-12
Gophecada Bug ALL
Pixy Demon 1-16
Gasgon Dragon 1-4
Deadnite Zombie 5-17
Stubbird Bug 13-17
Spikyboy Plant 17
One monster found only on one floor. Let's review that first. Spikyboy was one of my favorites until I discovered the Bombcrag, it's unique brother. I say brother because, in 2, there is a man who will offer to breed with his Spikyboy. I had a Spikyboy, fresh out the realm, and decided to have it breed with his. I didn't get a Spikyboy in return. I got a BombCrag. With THORDAIN and EXPLODET.

Sadly, I don't know if obtaining a BombCrag is that simple in this game. All they can do is Sacrifice themselves in hopes of becoming a hunk of rock from hell.

Onionos are weird. They don't make me wanna cry, but it looks like they do sometimes. With RobMagic, SleepAir, and ChargeUp, you'd think they'd be a little happier. Speaking of sadness and death, we got Gophecadas. They cast the instant death spell known as Beat.

Pixies are misleading. They aren't little sprites. In fact, they're more of a cousin to the Gremlin. 'Cept you want one. Why? Speed and TwinHits. YUP. Deadnites... You think they'd have the Stubbird skills of RainSlash and Twinhits, but they're healers for whatever reason. They can restore health, remove curses, and even diffuse any chaos in the party. The latter two skills are one you want on a very high INT and MP monster. They combine, with a few other skills, into the all-powerful Surge.

Through Dante's Inferno we go, and to the Altar we pray.

"Comrade! Now is the time for us to unite... and open the Gate to the new age! Yes! A world for monsters, of monsters, and by monsters...
I'll promise you, comrade! A world where we can eat sirloin steaks everyday! Therefore...
Hm!? I don't know why, but I feel something behind me. Comrades! Excuse me for facing my back to you."

Meet Jamirus, the first boss I fell in love with after obtaining one in Joker and having fought again in Joker 2. This monster is no push-over, just like his pre-incarnation. With Blazemost to crisp our party, Quadhits to equalize the damage, or destroy one of our members, and Tailwind to render breath attacks useless, you want to try and recruit him.

I know, I know, some monsters can't be obtained but according to a source of mine, Jamirus can be caught. Whittle him down after throwing Sirloins in his face and see what happens.

I lost Rona... Oh well. She was far ahead in levels anyway.

"I demand one sirloin steak a day!"

See? Remember the Gigantes. He'd do anything for the meat? There's twice the proof that these monsters can be caught.

"How're you doing?... Let's go home!"

Chapter 7, Part 5: Temptation - Servant and Co.'s RealmEdit

"Oh Terry! You beat Jamirus! Once you find a monster, feed them meat to make them tame."
"Oh... King..."
"Terry, At ease. It's a good idea to talk to people! You're dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!..."

We knew about the meat thing now, but... Something doesn't seem right, does it?

Monsters Found: Floor Found
Monster Family Floors Found
Spikyboy Material 1-8
KingCobra Dragon 1-16
Mommonja Beast 1-12
SlimeNite Slime 1-16
StagBug Bug 9-19
MistyWing Zombie 13-19
DarkEye Demon


Phew. These gates are getting longer, and the monsters ain't going down so easily.

KingCobras are just what you expect. They can attack with PoisonHit and a deadly K.O. Dance. Mommonja, my favorite beast of all time are just so cute and wanna dance with you! Dance! DANCE! NO HARM AT ALL.

SlimeNites are... like Knights. They can Heal, cast Defense, and destroy my Mommonjas with BeastCut. SLAY THEM ALL!

StagBugs can combine to create a HornBeet, which is a powerful bug. They, the Stags, carry SleepAir and FireAir. This is a deadly combination. I like it.

MistyWings are weird. They are Zombies, but in 2, they're... Birds? Surround and EerieLight just add to the confusion.

Finally,we have DarkEye. They can paralyze your party with a breath of PalsyAir. Avoid them if you can.

This game has finally realized what I'm doing and has trolled me with Poison and KOs. Floor 18. On Floor 18 I encountered a Priest. It was the only Special Room in the entire dungeon. There weren't even any Wandering Masters either.

There's a town in here. It's... on fire. There's a man with many arms. Where's everyone else...?

"Hee hee hee. I love burning villages! Wanna try it?"

Do not give in.

"You are so boring! You wanna be burned instead!?"

Say hello to my three favorite Monsters of this game.

Servant, Centasaur, and EvilArmor.

Servant will cast high-level elemental spells in BlazeMost and Blizzard. Even worse, he can use the almighty Focus, granting him twice the amount of attacks he can muster. Not attack power, but the number of attacks he can use per turn.

Centasaur can ignite his spear with FireSlash, cut the party up with RainSlash, and even use MagicBack, which does as it says. Your best bets are to use monsters resistant to magic, or ones that are capable of using MagicBack itself. If this was the second installment, Centasaur would have StopSpell, which is just as terrifying as MagicBack.

I have given in to Temptation and placed WorldLeaf as a concrete item in my first slot. I shall remove the code after this battle is won.

Looking back, I should've set it as Dew. Oh well.

In regards to the best of the group; EvilArmor, the monster I mentioned earlier with Armorpede: FireSlash, BoltSlash, DrakSlash. Don't use any Dragons. EvilArmor and Centasaur are from the Devil family, and Servant comes from the Zombie roster. Use the Anti-Family Cuts if you have any monster with them.

Not a single death to my party. One Dew was used. One I already had before the cheat was used.

"Burn me, boil me! Whatever! Ahrg!"
"Ouch! I'm gonna put out the fire. Now! Go back to the castle and get a good rest."


"Oh Terry! You beat Servant! What? You resisted the temptation and were victorious? Your heart is as pure as MegaMagic!"


"Oh... King..."
"Terry, At ease. It's a good idea to talk to people! You're dismissed. Busy! Busy! Busy!..."

Yeah. I guess we should be talking more.

End of Chapter 7, Part 5


Chapter 8: PsychomachinationsEdit

There is no true answer for how quickly a heart can change. It is much like night and day. Scientifically, it can be explained by simply rotating a ball as another circles around it indefinitely- a single motion powered by gravity. The heart is the center object, and the mind and soul are the sun and moon: white and black in color and nature. They come and go as they please. They are neither positive nor negative.
The hearts of Man and Monster... The souls and the mind... Are they so alike? Are we capable of being evil for the sake of simply knowing we can be such? I think, therefore I am?
My dear friends... I am scared to know the truth about the inner mechanics of a human's or beast's heart, mind and soul.

I'm starting to question a lot of things about this game and the characters. We were sent to this world because a creature took our sister. A creature that resembles our own guide. They are two sides of the same coin. They are black and they are white.

Perhaps... No. We've something else to think about. Our next two gates are waiting for us, and we're three arena battles away from being one step closer to the tournament.


Our first battle sets up against a Breath-user. The FireWeed will attempt to make quick work of us with PalsyAir. If you managed to snag some resistant monsters, or have a Surge user, you've nothing to worry about. The Wyvern will try to heal, and the EvilBeast serves as damage-dealer. A pretty well-crafted party, but yours is most likely better.

The second battle may seem intimidating, but don't crumble. The two Grizzlys are known for having high-attack, and will use SquallHit to strike first. Lionex is a combination of the Wyvern and EvilBeast in terms of skills. It will strike the whole party and focus on healing. A StopSpell user would be great, but focus on the Grizzlys if possible.

Our final match is against a slightly familiar face. Remember May from the Tavern?

"Welcome to A class. I was expecting you! C'mon Terry! Show me what you've got!!"

Honestly, I like May. She seems like a really nice Monster Master, but her team wins the award for having monsters you'd least expect. All her monsters love to inflict the Sleep status, so take caution. There's a big chance you found a monster resistant to all statuses.

I actually lost... Oh boy.

Hiatus is Over!

Unfortunately, I decided to scrap my old laptop and get a brand spankin' new PC. It is huge, much like this game. I had to restart all my progress because I wanted a fresh start on my downloaded games, bar Mabinogi. As such, I started over Monsters. Right off the bat, I plugged in the TinyMedal code and am already working towards getting the Egg Rewards except I'm getting them right after Hale's Realm. This is the only time I need to do this as Medals are next to useless in this first installment. Once I get back up to speed I'll show a table in this segment showcasing my new team and get right back on track!

Hiatus is not Over!!

Shhh, I know what day it is. I've been working on some projects these last few years, but I've started playing the game again. I've got some interesting beasties I'm going to use in the sequel, but we'll come back to that in due time. For now, enjoy this encounter I had in Wrex's Gate of Anger.


Yeah. That hurts, dude. I'm naming this Priest in particular Judas. Get it? Get it?

Terry's DiaryEdit

Year OneEdit

March 10th, 2014:

  • Terry's mission begins.

March 11th - 15th, 2014:

  • Terry meets the King of GreatTree and learns of the Tournament, as well as the mysterious Travelers' Gates.
  • Terry rescues Hale, learns about Tiny Medals, and conquers the G Class Tournament with ease.
  • Terry visits the Library, Vault, and Bazaar, and recruits Dran, the Dragon of the Villager Gate and Golm, the Golem of the Talisman Gate.

March 16th - 17th, 2014:

  • Terry discovers the hidden Gate in the Bazaar, and recruits Pash, the MadKnight.

March 18th - 19th, 2014

  • Terry conquers the F Class Tournament with no difficulty.
  • Terry learns that Teto has conquered E Class, visits the Queen and Mick, and unlocks the Shrine of Starry Night and the Egg Evaluator. Terry uses these to hatch a SkyDragon Egg he obtained in the farm.
  • The Breeding Troubles Intermission, Part 1 begins.

March 20th, 2014

  • The Intermission has ended.
  • Terry clears the new Gates, and recuits Gig, the MadCat of the Memories Gate, and Face, the FaceTree of the Bewilder Gate.
  • Terry defeats Teto, clearing the E Class Tournament. Teto, and many other Tamers, offers to breed monsters with Terry.
  • Progress has been lost. A break was taken.

March 31st - April 2nd, 2014

  • Progress has been recovered.
  • Terry visits the Stables and absorbs all the new information provided.
  • Terry recruits Fang, the FangSlime of the Peace Gate, and bests the BigEye behind the Gate of Bravery.

April 3rd, 2014

  • Terry descends into the Well, and discovers another hidden Gate. Terry conquers the Gigantes, Beast of the Well!

June 14th - 16th, 2014

  • Terry discovers GameShark and cheats to get more Medals. No more cheats will be used unless the need is absolutely necessary!
  • Terry deposits his medals to the Medal Man and receives a plethora of Monster Eggs. ZapBird, Trumpeter, Spikerous, and Metabble are sent to the farm!
  • No more medals needed, the Medal Man's Metaly unlocks a hidden gate. Terry heads on through.
  • The ZapBird and Spikerous have been added to Terry's team. They are known as Rona and Shug, respectively.
  • After beating the Room, Terry takes part in the next arena class. He wings it against Mick and unlocks the Gates of Strength and Anger!
  • As per the King's request, Terry descends into the Gate of Anger and wins over Wrex, the wishful BattleRex mother whose children were causing chaos.
  • GreatTree is evolving...

Year TwoEdit

January 12th, 2015

  • GreatTree has been explored.
  • Terry descends into the Gate of Strength and demolishes the StoneMan!

May 25th - 27th, 2015

  • Terry checks out the Monster Farm to discover and explore a new Gate. Upon somehow returning to GreatTree, he breaks into Betty's house and recruits her. Seriously.
  • After another game of RPS, Terry creates a miracle of a moving statue and explores the gate he uncovered. Upon reaching a small pond, he is given the Challenge of Honesty and prevails. It is then he is granted the ability to battle Ebi, servant to the omnipresent Spirit of the Spring. Terry wins, and recruits the powerful creature.

May 31st - June 2nd, 2015

  • To unlock the next two gates, Terry re-visits the Arena and conquers C-Class as well as gaining another victory over Teto. After talking to him, Terry departs for the new gates.
  • Terry enters the Gate of Joy, and meets a rather unusual dancing bird named Func. Dancing to his own rhythm, he succeeds in winning over the bird.
  • Terry ascends the Gate of Wisdom. At the top of the realm, he bests the SkyDragon and then triumphs against another Arena Match.
  • The Seer of this tale discovers something unusual...

June 11th - June 12th, 2015

  • Terry discovers that some boss monsters are able to be recruited with a little meat involved.
  • Straying from this devious trick, Terry steps into the Gate of Happiness and, through fire and ice, arrives at Jamirus' altar. After pausing a speech, the gryphon master attacks, but Terry ends the beast's foul dreams.
  • The Gate of Temptation was explored. Upon the climax, the pinnacle of the Realm, Terry encountered three vile creatures, who set ablaze an innocent village. The Servant, The Centasaur, and The EvilArmor were purified by the hands of Terry and his friends.