Staffs are recurring type of weapon in the Dragon Quest franchise. This weapon is favored by magical characters such as mages, priests, and sages, and many can also cast second tier spells if used as an item during battle. Notable staves in the series include the Lightning staff and and the Magma staff, the latter of which is typically required to advance the story.

NOTE: Prior to the release of IX, wands were alternatively referred to as staves, and some individual weapons still retain the nomenclature. In spite of this, none of the weapons listed here bare any relations to Bo staves



All three characters can use staffs.


Staffs are restricted to Priests, Mages and Sages.


Staffs can be used by Kiryl, Borya, Meena, and Maya.


Most staffs could be used by Bianca, Nera, and the hero's daughter. Some can also be used by the the hero though.


Every human character can equip at least one staff, and Slime Buddies may only equip the staff of Ghent in the DS version.



Both Jessica and Angelo can equip wands, referred to collectively as staves, though there are some slight differences in their skill sets. Both will regenerate between 3~10 MP each turn after investing enough points.


These weapons can be equipped by mages, priests, paladins, armamentalists, and sages, as well as any character who fully masters the wand skill.

All wands will deal an extra 10% damage to monsters in the Demon family.