DQMJ2PRO - Warubou
Japanese name ワルぼう
Rōmaji Waru bō
Family Plant
Introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters

Warubou is a monster that appeared in Dragon Warrior Monsters and its sequel, Dragon Warrior Monsters 2. Its name is a combination of the japanese word warui, meaning evil, and the similar name ending that Warubou and Watabou share.

Physical Description

Warubou is a small, pink or purple furry monster with long arms and short, stubby legs. He is usually shown having long ears with an antenna protruding from the top of his head.

Dragon Warrior Monsters

In Dragon Quest Monsters, Warubou acts as an antagonist for the game, being the one to kidnap Milly from her brother Terry at the start of the game. After the kidnapping, Watabou, a creature of a similar species to Warubou's, brings Terry to the land of Kingdom of GreatTree, where Warubou had taken Milayou. There, Terry becomes the Monster Master of GreatTree and saves his sister.

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

In this game, Warubou acts less evil than in the previous installment and more prone to just being mischievous. After Cobi and Tara get a Nut Pie for their mother, Warubou and Prince Kameha, his partner in trouble-making, steal it from them and hide deep inside GreatLog. When Cobi and Tara go to get back, they find Warubou and the Prince in an argument over who should claim their prize. In the ensuing struggle, Kingdom of GreatLog's navel is dislodged. At this, the Prince flees, but Warubou jumps in to help stop the navel from letting in water, which would eventually sink the entire island. He asks Cobi and Tara to find a Monster Master to help them, but when nobody takes them seriously, they are forced to go themselves and find a plug for the navel. Once they do, Warubou is freed from stopping up the hole and is able to continue living his life.

Warubou Warubou

Dragon Quest : Terry's Wonderland 3D

Warubou reappears in Terry's Wonderland 3D and retains the same role, considering that the game is a revamp of the original Dragon Warrior Monsters for the GameBoy Color.