White shield
DQVIII - White shield
Japanese name ホワイトシールド
Rōmaji Howaitoshīrudo
Introduced in VII

The White shield is a recurring shield in the Dragon Quest series. It is a light-weight shield designed for ease of use, and is said to possess a sacred attribute in most titles it appears in.


Dragon Quest VII

The white shield has a defense bonus of +16, style by +15, and reduces fire breath damage by 10. It can be equipped by the HeroMaribelSir Mervyn, and Aishe, and can be purchased in Alltrades Abbey for 2,000 gold. White shields can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Casino. In the 3DS version, the white shield possesses no special attributes.

Dragon Quest VIII

The white shield offers a defense bonus of +22 and reduces fire breath damage by 10 . It can be equipped by Jessica and Angelo.

Recipe: Light shield + Fresh milk + Fresh milk

Iron shield + Silver platter

Dragon Quest IX

Description: A sacred shield that shines with a white light.

The white shield offers +20 points of defense, possesses a 3.0% chance to block attacks, and reduces fire damage by 5%. It may be equipped by warriorsmagespriestsminstrelssagespaladinsluminaries, and armamentalists, or the character possesses the Omnivocational Shield Master skill.

Obtained: Alchemy - 1x Light Shield, 5x Seashell, 5x Holy Water

Rarity: 1 Star

Alchemises into: White Knight's Shield


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