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Wight priest
DQVIII - Wight priest
Japanese name デスプリースト
Rōmaji Death Priest
Family Zombie
Introduced in VIII

Wight priest is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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#211 - Wight Priest
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
HP 258
Attack 169
Defense 198
Agility 126
Experience 398
Gold 57
Dropped Item Magic Vestment, Rune staff
Skills call for backup
Spells Kafrizzle, Kaboom, Kazing
Family Zombie
Description An apostle of the Lord of Darkness who sacrificed his own life in order to save his master. Calls upon other monsters to fight alongside him during difficult battles.
Haunts Black Citadel


#135 - Wight priest
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 115
MP 80
Attack 108
Defense 136
Agility 125
Experience 940
Gold 147
Dropped Item Gold rosary(1/32), Ascetic robe(1/128)
Spells Thwack, Zing
Family Zombie
Description Always take these maleficent ministers out first, as they can raise their dead with Zing, and send foes back with Thwack.

Their robes may look manky, but they've been deliberately aged to give them the lived-in look that's so huge this season.

Haunts The Old School, Grottoes


Super Light

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