Worm of woe
DQVII3DS - Frightcrawler
Japanese name ヘルワーム
Rōmaji Heruwamu
Family Bug
Introduced in VII

The Worm of woe (formerly HellWorm) is a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII. They are fought during the party's third trip to Loomin


The party fights Hellworms one to two at a time. They can attack twice in one round, using Poison Fog to Envenom party members. Spider Web can prevent one party member from attacking for a round. However, as bosses, they aren't spectacular in any respect. A moderately leveled party should have no problem with defeating them.

Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
HP 500
Experience 223
Gold 123
Skills Poison Fog
Spider Web
Two Turns
Family Insect
Haunts Loomin

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