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Wormwood Canyon
In game map of Wormwood Canyon
Japanese name 竜のもん
Rōmaji Gate of Dragon
The path of light in this arrow is sealed,
cradled here 'til a chosen one be revealed.
Let fly this bolt o'er the Wyrmward wide,
As the way unfolds, boldly onward stride.
A pedestal in The Bowhole

Wormwood Canyon is the region west of Wormwood Creek, once known as Wyrmward. It cannot be crossed until the Hero/Heroine gain the Wyrmlight Bow from The Bowhole, and create a bridge of light across the bridge. The southern exit leads to Wyrmtail.


Monster Experience Gold Dropped Item(s)
#131 Sootheslime 1050 172G Item icon Medicinal herb (1/8)
Item icon Slimedrop (1/8)
#142 Whirly girly 1020 132G Accessory Agility ring (1/32)
Item icon Pretty betsy (1/256)
#145 Bloody manguini 1000 148G Item icon Wing of bat (1/8)
Accessory Terrible tattoo (1/16)
#154 Moosifer 1240 152G Item icon Magic beast hide (1/16)
Item icon Seed of life (1/256)
#155 Drastic drackal 1380 160G Item icon Royal soil (1/16)
Accessory Raging ruby (1/64)
Monster Experience Gold Dropped Item(s)
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