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Dragon Quest III
DQIII - Xenlon
Japanese name しんりゅう
Rōmaji Xin Liu
Gender Male

Xenlon (formerly Divinegon) is a bonus boss who was first introduced in Dragon Quest III for the Super Famicom. He is a powerful wish-granting dragon.


Xenlon is a large, serpentine dragon with a purple mane circling its head and outlining its body up to its tail. It has yellow eyes and two large, thin green whiskers.



Main Games


Xenlon lurks in the Zenith Tower on the topmost floor. When approached by the Hero, Xenlon will commend him/her for the effort and offer to grant a wish if s/he can defeat him in battle. The following wishes are available:

  • The Hero can wish for a Sexy Book, which, when read, changes a male character's personality to Lewd and a female character's personality to Sexy.
  • The Hero can wish for a new Pachisi track. It will appear at the bottom of the well in Kol.
  • The Hero can wish to revive Ortega from death. He will be returned to the Hero's house in Aliahan.
  • In the Game Boy Color version, the Hero can wish for Monster Medals to add to the player's collection. This wish can be made up to three times, each time granting different and rare medals.
  • In the Game Boy Color version, there is a space on the dialogue box that is blank. Selecting it will unlock a new Monster Medal dungeon. The entrance portal to this dungeon is located in Ramia's temple on Liamland.

After granting a wish, Xenlon returns the Hero to the Dragon Queen's Castle. If the Hero approaches Xenlon again, he will agree to fight another time. However, he will only grant a wish if he is defeated within a set number of turns. He must be defeated within 25 turns to earn a second wish, and 15 turns for every wish afterwards.

Side Games


He is a high-tier monster that requires a Sky Dragon + Orochi.


He still requires the same recipe, but is now an ingredient for Orligon.

Joker 2

He is a powerful dragon used to synthesize Zenith Dragon. He requires a Ethereal Serpent + Boreal Serpent + Alabast Dragon + Orochi.

Joker 2 Professional

He now requires Greygnarl + Egdracil.

Other languages

Other languages
French Xenlon
German Unknown
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Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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