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Xeroph Isle

Xeroph Isle is one of the islands of Green Bays Archipelago in Joker.


Xeroph Isle is a large desert island, with a few cacti and piles of bones for decoration. It is the third island you can visit, with an island ranking of E. The northern half is locked until you go through the quicksand cave and kick the bridges down. It is the first island you can visit that has a shrine.








  • There is a tent at the center of Xeroph Isle that hosts the Monster Arena.
  • On the north side of the island, there is a jetty to Palaish Isle, however you cannot use it until you beat the boss.
    • Similarly, once you obtain the Wulfspade, you cannot use the jetty to Domus Isle either, meaning the hero is trapped on Xeroph Isle until the boss is beaten.


  • Like all the islands, Xeroph Isle's name is a play-on-words. It is based on the word "xerophile" which means is an organism that can survive in very dry conditions. This is a reference to how Xeroph Isle is a desert.
    • The name might also be a reference to xerophthalmia, which is a condition characterized by dryness in one's eye. This is further supported by the fact that Xeroph Isle looks like an eye when seen on the mini map, and the fact that Winkys can be found on it.
  • The presence of Dessert demons might be a reference to how the word "desert" sounds like "dessert".
  • The fact that you are basically trapped on Xeroph Isle until you beat the boss might be a reference to a typical "stranded on a desert island" scenario.

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