Zenithia is a floating castle in the sky. It is featured prominently in the "Zenithia Trilogy" of games, IV, V, and VI, which it lends it name to. Zenithia is home to a powerful dragon, Lord of the Skies; and the winged, angel-like Zenithian people. Zenithians are an insular people who avoid contact with those on the ground if at all possible, but there have been instances where they have fallen off the clouds or otherwise descended to earth.

Its counterpart is Nadiria, the underworld.



The Zenithia castle first appears in IV, high in the sky, where the Zenith Dragon grants power to the Hero.


The castle is found in a lake and with the Hero and his family partially restoring it in order to use it to fly around the world.


During the time in the game, it's known as the Cloudsgate Citadel and exists in the dream world.


  • Zenithia might have some relation to Zenith from III, being both ruled by a powerful dragon and both being in the sky. In fact, Zenithia comes from the word zenith, meaning highest point or state, aptly appropriate seeing as it is the highest point in the game.
    • Conversely, its counterpart, Nadiria, is derived from the word nadir, meaning lowest point.
  • The Zenithians could be compared to Celestrians in IX.
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