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Dragon Quest III
Lord Zoma official artwork
Sprite Lord ZomaSNES-0
Japanese Name ゾーマ
Rōmaji Zooma
Title Lord Zoma
Race Demon Lord
Age Ageless
Family Unknown

Zoma is the final boss and chief antagonist in Dragon Quest III. Near the end of the game, he is revealed to be the master of the archfiend Baramos, whom had been previously seen as the final boss to the game. Zoma resides in Charlock Castle in Alefgard. He also makes appearances in the Dragon Quest Monster series and Dragon Quest IX as a legacy boss.


Dragon Quest III

Zoma first appears during the celebrations following the defeat of Baramos. In the original game, only his voice is presented, but in the remake he is physically seen. Zoma threatens the inhabitants of the overworld of Dragon Quest III, claiming he will soon control their world and plunge it into darkness as he did with Alefgard. In Dragon Quest Monsters, he resides deep inside the Room of Control, threatening Terry the same way he threatened the people in Dragon Quest III.

Zoma resides on the basement floor of the castle along with three other sub-bosses. He approaches and talks to the Hero prior to allowing his three subordinates to fight the hero's party before him.

Zoma has his own battle theme, a general standard for a final boss. Using the Orb of Light reduces Zoma's overall hit points, allowing him to be defeated much more easily. It also enables the party's healing spells to actually damage Zoma. The party's Priest, for example, can cast Healmore on Zoma and deal damage. However it should be noted that in the original NES version of Dragon Quest III that unless you use the Orb of Light, you will not be able to inflict any actual damage since he is protected by a veil of darkness. Once the Orb of Light is used, then Zoma will be susceptible to receiving damage.

In the remake of Dragon Quest III, Zoma's specialty music and primary color palette are not shown until after the Orb of Light is used. This color arrangement is the opposite of the one in the original game, which made Zoma a blue color after using the Orb of Light.

Upon his defeat, Zoma's reign over the land of Alefgard ends; and light returns to the outer world. The Pit of Gaia also closes up, sealing the hero and his party in Alefgard and rendering them unable to return to the overworld.

Dragon Quest IX

"A truly intimidating opponent who can attack twice and use seriously strong spells. Lay into him with the power of light. His unparalleled evil made him very popular with monsters, but he left the lands above to escape his screaming fans." - Dragon Quest IX bestiary

Zoma appears as a Legacy Boss, obtained after completing Quest #167 (or received at special events).


Level Range Secondary Drop Orb
1-3Aliahan gloves15%Silver Orb10%
4-8Aliahan gloves20%Silver Orb10%
9-15Aliahan gloves25%Silver Orb11%
16-25Aliahan trousers15%Silver Orb11%
26-40Aliahan trousers20%Silver Orb12%
41-56Aliahan trousers25%Silver Orb12%
57-68Aliahan clothes25%Silver Orb13%
69-80Aliahan headpiece15%Silver Orb13%
81-90Aliahan headpiece20%Silver Orb14%
91-99Aliahan headpiece25%Silver Orb15%


Level New abilities

Attack, Disruptive Wave, Kacrack, attacks 2 times per turn.

8C-c-cold Breath
33Air Pollution
41Begins attacking 3 times per turn
57Psyche Up

Dragon Quest Monsters

RecipeDracoLord + Sidoh
SkillsFrigidAir, BigBang, DeMagic
DescriptionThe source of all evil

He appears as the boss of the Gate of Control.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2

A great X rank monster that, although he no longer has double trouble, he instead gains bouncer and tactical trooper making him still a great unit. It is necessary to have either Zoma or Orgodemir to make Rhapthorne 2.

Recipe: Malroth x Dullahan

OR Malroth x Captain Crow

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Zoma is an X rank monster. He has double trouble and makes for a good mage.

Recipe: Malroth x Wight King.

Dragon Quest Heroes

Zoma is set to appear in Dragon Quest Heroes in downloadable content, though no other details were given.


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