Kawaii zurbon


Japanese name ずるぼん
Rōmaji Zurubon
Gender Female
Class Priest
Race(s) Human
Age 22

Zurbon is a character in Dai no Daibōken.


She is a purple-haired woman, with gray eyes and fair skin tone. She wears a blue hat with yellow lines on it's front edges with yellow a cross on it's center, orange shirt and orange pants, with a yellow belt, yellow gloves and boots and a cape with the same design of her hat.


Like the rest of the Fake Heroes, Zurbon is a coward and arrogant person that tries to act politely just to look like an exemplar hero and then show it's true colours after tricking it's victins. She always tries to seduce the enemies to gain advantage. Shes the cleverest of her band making her more leader-like than Derolin. Her weakness is revealed to be tickling. 


In the past she though that would be fun to leave home and travel around the world, but conversely has had several encouters with the demon king army.


Dai no Daibōken

She appears at the first episode, travelling to Dermoline Island with the rest of the Fake Heroes looking for the Golden Metal Slime (Dai's parthner Gome-chan).

After being scared by the monster of the island, Zurbon had the idea to ask Dai for a tour (who was thinking they were real heroes). While Dai went to get Gome-chan, Brasu noticed they evil aura and accused of being charlatans. With they identity revealed, the Fake Heroes attacked the innocent monsters and kidnaped Gome-chan while knocking Dai away with Woosh.

The band gave the King, that didn't know of precedents of the gift, the Golden Metal Slime as a present reciving gold as a reward and a party at the castle as a homage for their acts.

While shopping clothes Zurbon is kidnaped and dragged to a cottage by Dai, who had come to the city accompanied with his monster friends. After refusing to tell Gome's whereabouts, Dai tickles her with a ant eater until she decides to tell is at the castle and her companions weaknesses.

Zurbon later seduces the warden slimes and escapes. She arrives at

Zurbon being questioned by Dai

the climax of Dai's battle with Derolin, where the latter is about to lose. Her plans backfire when the slimes fuse into King Slime and slams her, giving Dai the opportunity to capture Derolin inside a monster capsule.

Zurbon later reappears at a hotel room during the Crocodine's invasion. Along with the rest of the Fake Heroes they are killing monster and reciving gifts of the people by doing so, but they


Zurbon seducing the slimes

are only doing this by defeating weak monsters and tricking  the people to think they did an important job. After running away from the city they are seen again working under the wizard Matoriv, where they appear again in the epilogue.


Voice actresses

Hiroko Emori

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